2014-09-07 Devil

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Even though the second album of Norwegian Occult Rock-formation DEVIL, "Gather The Sinners", does not completely tie up with it´s first-class predecessor "Time To Repent", it has become a very worth listening album. So we talked to founder and guitarist Stian Fossum, who gave us information about English mentalists, swimming coffins and legendary fans of his band...Interview

It hasn´t been a long time since our last interview, so I just want to ask you a few questions about your new album “Gather The Sinners”. What do you think you have done better on “Gather The Sinners” compared to your previous album “Time To Repent”?

Well, the most obvious difference is that we’ve used a real studio for the drums and bass guitar this time. It gives the whole album a much better flow and not least one can hear more distinct what’s done on the drums. Also it brought some good dynamics between Ronny on drums and Thomas on bass as it’s recorded simultaneously. The other big difference is that "Gather The Sinners" is almost 20 minutes longer. If we think in terms of songwriting, it’s not much difference, but I think we’ve done everything a tad better this time. Still simple, still catchy and still “garagy”, but with a higher standard on all songs, whereas maybe "Time To Repent" was blessed and cursed with two songs standing out in “At the Blacksmith’s” and the title cut.

In my opinion most parts of “Gather The Sinners” sound a little bit more limited than “Time To Repent” and the older material on “Magister Mundi Xum/The Noble Savage”. Have you decided to slow your musical style down and tend to more Doom?

Not at all, and I think that’s a deception because of the track list. Somehow we managed to put the two doomiest songs first, and that is perhaps giving a first impression that we don’t think necessarily is right for the album as a whole. I think both "Demons On Wheels" and "Darkest Day" are good proof that we’re still all over the place genrewise, haha! Not to mention the acoustic song.

How personal are your lyrics in general? And what had been your intention to compose a two-part song of Mother Shipton, the legendary English mentalist? In the booklet there is written “lyrics on Mother Shipton by Mother Shipton”. So where are these lyrics from?

Those lyrics are more or less transcription of Mother Shiptons prophecies, therefore we didn’t want to take credit for that. We just thought she had some cool vibes, the old gal, and if you’re in a spiritual and superstitious mood one day, it’s clear as the day how easy it is to fit the prophecies with actual historical happenings and development. For the rest of the songs, it’s still part personal and part classic Rock ‘n’ Roll. Some of the lyrics are VERY personal, as they were on some of the songs on "Time To Repent".

And what does “Coffin Regatta” deal with? What story is behind it?

Now we’re talking local myths. It is said that Nes Church (a church in a municipality in Norway - annotation of the editor) once experienced such a heavy storm that parts of the cemetery slid into the river, and coffins floated downstream. We’ve also made a T-shirt of that, available at our "Omerch"-store. We like to incorporate local stuff, after all, it’s part of our identity.

You seem to be fast songwriters, because between your two albums there have just elapsed one and a half year. Do you already have ideas for your next record?

Yep! We’re now preparing for a split with THE SABBATHIAN, and I think we’re over halfway with song ideas for our ca. 20 minutes on that one. And if I’m not mistaken we got half a dozen songs laying around that we’ve never used for one reason or another too, so I guess you could say we’re well on track for the TWO next releases.

Not so long ago you played at the “Inferno Festival” in Norway. Has the gig been a success for you considering that you don´t seem to play live often? And when are you going to visit us in Germany?

The gig was great, and people really enjoyed it. It was also the live premiere for three songs that maybe were the highlights of the gig. And we met a lot of cool people both there and at the festival, and we got to deliver the new album to Dave Chandler (co-founder and longtime guitarist of Doom-legend SAINT VITUS - annotation of the editor), so we have to call it a success, haha! As for Germany, it’s always a high priority for us. And we’re starting to get restless, in fact, so contrary to our initial plans for the year, we’re maybe working on some live planning now. Hopefully Germany will be included in those plans. We would of course love to play one or two of the awesome festivals over there, but I guess the ship has sailed for 2013 festivals now.

Do you have some special final statements for your fans in Germany?

Yeah! Hope you guys have enjoyed the album, and let your local promoter know that we exist. We would love to party with you guys again! And listen to the first PRAYING MANTIS album “Time Tells No Lies”. Preferably the nineties CD version with “Thirty Pieces of Silver” as one of the bonus tracks.