BiografieBaltimore, Maryland has never been known for its beauty or charm. With a strong D.I.Y work ethic, an honest and sincere outlook, and not to mention a machine-like touring regiment, Ruiner has been breaking barriers since their first show in October 2004.
Before releasing their first LP Prepare to Be Let Down in June of 2007 on Bridge Nine, Ruiner already toured the full United States four times, parts of Canada twice and three times to Mexico. They played a little over 200 shows in their first year and a half of existence, all of which were booked with out the help of any booking agent. Topping off the bands second year, 2006 saw them head to Europe for 31 shows in 10 different countries.
It´s fast, melodic, angry, and as heartfelt as the bands of yesteryear. Yet never expect this band to begin a set by preaching about their role in hardcore. The fire that feeds them is their own. It is pure raw human emotion. You can not fabricate this type of intensity, nor can you stop it. The road traveled by these five has been and always will be by their own design.Quelle: http://www.youruiner.comDiscografie2007 Prepare To Be Let Down


Montag 01.12.2008
RUINER-Sänger Rob ist definitiv einer der bodenständigsten und ehrlichsten Gestalten, die zur Zeit in der Hardcore-Szene zu finden sind. Mit der B-Seiten-Sammlung “I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes” machen seine Kollegen und er nicht nur Fans glücklich, sondern beweisen trockenen Humor.
Donnerstag 10.12.2009
“Hell Is Empty”: großartige Scheibe. <br/> RUINER-Frontmann Rob: jemand, der was zu sagen hat. <br/> Offene Fragen, die geklärt werden müssen. <br/> Interview: Pflicht. <br/>
Mittwoch 21.07.2010
They are calling it quits – after five years, more then 700 shows and a couple of awesome releases, the Baltimore-based quintet has reached everything they ever dreamt of.


Hell Is Empty - Cover
Die neue RUINER-Scheibe hat lange auf sich warten lassen, „Prepare To Be Let Down“ ist ja schon einen Tag älter.
I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes - Cover
RUINER haben in ihrer Historie gewühlt und vor dem Releases ihres nächsten Albums mit „I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes“ eine Sammlung ihrer Split- und EP-Songs sowies des Demos gepackt.
Prepare To Be Let Down - Cover
RUINER stellen den geneigten Fan vor die Frage, ob man bei 21 Minuten Spielzeit von einem Album sprechen kann (und den vollen Preis bezahlen muss) oder ob es sich um eine EP handelt.