Final Prayer

BiografieHaving been friends for several years and gathering experience in bands like Battle Royale,
Disrespect, Shortage and Lifeforce, for some local scenesters the time was right to bring
the violence back to the dancefloor. And what better way to do this without getting hurt
themselves than to form a band. They started jamming in 2003, with the aim of playing
straight up, traditional hardcore with a progressive shape and the taste of major

With a few songs already written, the band welcomed a second guitarist into the fold,
finally realising their visions of a massive sound, backed by some well structured song-
writing and bonecrushing riffs.
The search for the perfect vocalist is never an easy one, so the band pursued an active
rehearsal and songwriting schedule as an instrumental four-piece, whilst different vocalists
were tried out. When Steve Conquest was spotted performing feet first dives and generally
causing trouble at a lame emo show, they knew they had their man and thus the line-up was

In no time the vocals were added to the five songs which were put to tape just two months
later by Our World Records. Only 300 tapes were made and sold out in no time, while the
band was busy playing dozens of shows all over Europe with nothing more than a demo under
their belt. 1ST ROUND KNOCK-OUT was even rated ´demo of the month´ in Germanys´
leading magazine for Rock and Metal music, ´Rock Hard´.

The demo sparked the interest of some independent labels, which led to the release of a
split CD with Crisis Never Ends on Punchline Productions in January of 2005. The rest of the
year FP played shows constantly, sharing the stages with acts like Agnostic Front, Hatebreed,
Terror, Comeback Kid, Champion, Heaven Shall Burn, Walls Of Jericho, Cataract, Sworn Enemy...

After a European tour with their buddies in Teamkiller in September 2005, the band enterd
the famous Kohlekeller Studios, home of bands like Crematory, Under Siege, A Traitor Like Judas
or Six Reasons to Kill, to record their debut album entitled "RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW" for
Let it Burn Records in January 2006.

The result is one of the most powerful and toughest records of the year. Plain, pure and
brutal hardcore with a strong sociopolitical message, a combination, hardly known these
days. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW will erase all your doubts that a hardcore-band from Berlin
would not be able to play in one league with Hatebreed, Terror and Throwdown.

FINAL PRAYERS debut album RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW will be released April 28, 2006
and will be followed by extensive touring all across Europe throughout the summer. Quelle: Right Here Right Now


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Dienstag 08.07.2008
FINAL PRAYER haben mit „Filling The Void“ die durch ihr 2006er Debütalbum hoch gelegten Erwartungen erfüllt und sich als eine der besten einheimischen Hardcore-Bands etabliert. Basser Felix beantwortete über das With Full Force-Wochenende die flugs gemailten Fragen zum Album, Fulltime-Bands und Punkrock.


Filling The Void - Cover
FINAL PRAYER haben mit „Right Here, Right Now“ ein solides Fundament gelegt, das sie mit zahllosen guten Live-Shows festigten.
I Am Not Afraid - Cover
FINAL PRAYER mokeln im deutschen Hardcore schon seit Jahren vor sich hin und haben sich über die Jahre zu einer konstanten Größe in der Szene entwickelt, auch wenn ihnen Kritiker immer wieder ihre gro
Right Here, Right Now - Cover
FINAL PRAYER setzen sich aus (ex-)Mitgliedern einiger deutscher Hardcore-Combos zusammen, von denen mir SHORTAGE noch am geläufigsten waren - und wahrlich keine schlechte Hausnummer sind, wie "Control


Band Termin Land / Ort / Location
Rebellion Tour
Biohazard, Madball, Wisdom In Chains, Devil In Me, Final Prayer
A/ Wien/ Arena
D/ Lahr/ Universal Dog
CH/ Solothurn/ Kofmehl
D/ Dresden/ Reithalle
DK/ Copenhagen/ Amaga Bio
D/ Berlin/ Astra
D/ Hamburg/ Markthalle
NL/ Amsterdam/ Melkweg
D/ Magdeburg/ Factory
D/ Essen/ Weststadthalle