BiografieLike Death all those years ago, the mean Helsinki based death/thrash combo Amoral manage to include in their music a healthy dose of technical flair and melody without any serious letdown in the brutality stakes.

In 2000, Ben Varon (g), Silver Ots (g) and Juhana Karlsson (d) decided they’re through with playing covers and the lack of dedication and musicianship in the line-up. Consequentially replacements for the remaining line-up were sought.

Matti Pitkänen became the vocalist, but finding a bassist remained a problem. Amoral recorded a two-song demo named “Desolation” with Silver Ots handling the bass. Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow initially helped Amoral out on bass for gigs, which the band was now hungry to do. He become a permanent member soon, but was since replaced by Erkki Silvennoinen, as dividing Ville’s time between bands became an issue.

In 2001 Matti Pitkänen was replaced by Niko Kalliojärvi, originally a guitarist, whose talent as a death-growling frontman was discovered when he filled in for a show Matti couldn’t do because of his army commitments.

The “Other Flesh” demo saw the band land a record deal with Rage of Achilles after wide-spread coverage in the underground media. For the entire 2003 Amoral gigged and practiced relentlessly, opening for Entombed among others.

Finally, in December it was time to record the debut album. “Wound Creations” was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki with Nino Laurenne and mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila.

Shortly after the debut’s release however Amoral and Rage of Achilles decided to part ways due to financial problems. Both the label and the band agreed that RoA didn´t have the resources to take Amoral to the next level. After short negotiations Amoral was then signed to Spikefarm Records, and “Wound Creations” re-released.

From the humble beginnings as a band playing covers for their own amusement in 1997, Amoral have grown to be a damn good unit—and “Wound Creations” testifies to the fact.

Whoever predicted death metal is dead, must be having a few sleepless nights by now.
Quelle: http://www.sureshotworx.deDiscografieWound Creations (CD, 2004)

Other Flesh (demo, 2002)

Desolation (demo, 2001) www


Show Your Colors - Cover
AMORAL-Fans aufgepasst! Die neue Scheibe hat nichts mehr mit der Band zu tun, die melodischen Death Metal zockte (und Kollege Knackstedt anno 2007 verzückte)!
Wound Creations - Cover
Das boxende Mutanten-Duo aus Ost würde sagen: "Schwöre Koohst". Death Metal mit einer gehörigen Schuldiner-Schlagseite - oder Death Metal für Hochschul-Absolventen, Tontechniker und Muckerpolizei.