BiografieEclipse is a Stockholm (Sweden) based hard rocking band formed in 1999 by singer Erik Mårtensson. The MK I line-up consisted of Erik Mårtensson (vocals, guitar and bass), Anders Berlin (keyboard and drums) and Magnus Henriksson (guitar) who landed a record deal after having sent a rough 4-song demo to an English record label. They later released the highly acclaimed debut “The truth & and little more” in 2001.

As they began the pre-work with their second album Anders Berlin decided to leave the band whilst Magnus Ulfstedt (drums) and Fredrik Folkare (bass) was added to the line-up. After spending some time writing new killer songs they headed for Wing Studios and Blowout Studios to record their second (forthcoming) album, entitled Second To None. This time knowing exactly how they wanted the album to sound like they decided to produce the album themselves.

Not having recruited a permanent keyboard player the band instead invited keyboard phenomenon Mats Olausson to handle the keys on the album.

During 2003 Eclipse signed a management deal with Nyström Management which later lead to the signing with premiere Italian melodic hard rock label Frontiers Records.

The current line-up (MK II) is Erik Mårtensson (vocals and guitar) Magnus Henriksson (guitar) Magnus Ulfstedt (drums) and Fredrik Folkare (bass).

All members are reputed live- and studio musicians also working for various artists in Sweden, such as members from Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen and Talisman among others.

Release date is scheduled already for April 5 for Europe on Frontiers Records, while the Japanese release will be handled through Nippon Crown.
Quelle: Truth And A Little More (2001)

Second To None (2004)


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Bleed And Scream - Cover
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Second To None - Cover
"Second To None" ist nun schon das zweite Album der schwedischen Hardrocker und sollte den Bekanntheitsgrad der Band deutlich steigern können.