BiografieFounded in autumn 1998, to find a way for five individuals from northern Germany to spread the message they believe in, MAINTAIN gained fastly some popularity around their local area.

In summer 1999 the first demo ( “First Strike”) was recorded and also some shows with bands such as Miozän, Gigantor and Dew-Scented made them become more and more popular.

At the very beginning of the year 2000, the band used to improve their live professionality by supporting Bands like Brightside and Sidekick.

At the end of 2000 the band´s 2nd demo “Ignorance is a blessing” hit the streets. To promote these songs during the year 2001 MAINTAIN played shows everywhere across Germany with Waterdown, Alias Caylon, Skin Of Tears, Pale and Brainless Wankers, to mention a few…

The popularity of the band grew bigger and bigger and so, in early 2002, the band was able to play tons of shows with bands like Adjudgement, Jason, I Defy, Himsa (USA), Eighteen Visions (USA), Throwdown (USA) and others. They were also, not tiring at any moment, working hard on their 3rd demo, called “Expand the Power”, at the same time. Released in January 2003, MAINTAIN finally became a respected part of Germany´s Hardcore – Scene and got the ability to tour with some of the biggest international Hardcore acts like Madball (USA), Most Precious Blood (USA), Born From Pain (NL), Backfire (BEL), Barcode (DEN), Adjudgement, Full Speed Ahead, and others…

The five guys finally geared up to take everything a bit further by recording their first long-player “Reveal Our Disguise To An Infinite Abyss”, which came out on the Hamburg – based label “SKP – Records” in autumn 2004. Besides the band earned a lot of respect and always got good responses by playing outstanding shows with bands such as Do or Die, A Traitor like Judas, Adjudgement.

MAINTAIN describe themselves as being a heavy, modern, metal – influenced Hardcore band with an energetic mix of harmonies, mosh – riffs and fast staccato – parts. Always working with high pressure, the band underlines that they´re not “just another part of nowadays metal-core scene”, because of their individually playing style, which is second to none!

Be sure to catch´em at one of their outstanding live acts around your local area!Quelle: http://www.maintain-hc.deDiscografie2004 - Reveal Our Disguise To An Infinite Abyss

2003 - Expand The Power EP

2001 - Ignorance Is Blessing EP


Reveal Our Disguise To An Infinite Abyss  - Cover
MAINTAIN ist ein Name, der hier im Norden schon länger rumgeistert, der mir bis vor kurzem nicht näher bekannt war.
Reveal Our Disguise To An Infinite Abyss  - Cover
MAINTAIN haben mit "Reveal Our Disguise To An Infinite Abyss” ordentlich Staub aufgewirbelt und u.a. Swell Creek Records (HATE SQUAD, KJU, JR EWING) von ihren Qualitäten überzeugen können.
With A Vengeance - Cover
MAINTAIN haben mit ihrem famosen "Reveal Our Disguise To An Infinite Abyss” bei Swell Creek Records landen können, die die Niedersachsen für die Aufnahmen zum Nachfolger zu Jacob Hansen (MAROON, FEAR