Critics worldwide hail them alongside Kraftwerk and Einstürzende Neubauten as pioneers of Electronic and Industrial music, bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb called them their inspiration, and their musical ideas found their way into the sound of a wide spectrum of music, from Depeche Mode to the innovative pioneers of Detroit Techno.

Over 30 years and many internationally successful albums, Die Krupps have developed an unmistakable signature sound that is meant to stay, which their release Als wären wir für immer underlines.

After monumental and industrial beginnings with the album Stahlwerksinfonie, the foundation for Electronic Body Music was laid by the single Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn (both Album and Single Of The Week in the British NME), and the following albums Volle Kraft Voraus and Entering The Arena, which created international interest in the band's characteristic synthesis of hard electronics and highly danceable beats. Europe-wide releases secured the band a large following, that was only meant to increase in the '90s.

After a three year break, international chart positions of a remake of their classic track Wahre Arbeit, now called The Machineries Of Joy, which was a collaboration with Nitzer Ebb (U.S. Billboard Dance Charts Top 10), marked the next chapter in the history of the band.

The following widening of their musical spectrum, which saw the addition of a more Metal inspired aggressive vocal style and guitar riffs on the album I, and the essential single track Metal Machine Music, was like a slap in the face of conservative critics and listeners alike. The mini album A Tribute To Metallica underlined this daring step, gaining the attention of Lars Ulrich and Co., who helped to secure the band a deal in the U.S..

The highly successful albums (european-wide Chart positions, Germany Top-20) II - The Final Option, The Final Remixes, which consisted of remix interpretations of Die Krupps tracks by fellow bands such as Nine Inch Nails, The Sisters Of Mercy, Faith No More, Clawfinger and many others, and the album III - Odyssey Of The Mind, were again inspiration to many upcoming new bands, such as Rammstein, whose song 'Tier' was a direct adaptation and tribute to Die Krupps The Dawning Of Doom from the album I.

After several worldwide tours, and another Chart-topping album, Paradise Now (Germany No.17), on which the band collaborated with Arthur Brown (Fire), it was decided to bring a temporary stop to the bands extraordinary career.

2005 marked the 25th anniversary of Die Krupps, which was reason enough for the two original members Engler and Dörper to prove to the rest of the world that Die Krupps are far from being dead. The reunited group played festivals across Europe and proved that their live shows are as energetic as ever. The audience response was overwhelming and proved that the band had not lost any ground during its absence.

In November 2007, Die Krupps' new album Too Much History was released. The album included re-recordings of the greatest hits from almost every album the band had released in the past, plus several unreleased new tracks, including The Great Divide, 5 Millionen and several collaborations, with Client B from the band Client, and again Douglas McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb.

The end of 2008 saw the release of a remix album of the 1982 album Volle Kraft voraus, entitled Volle Kraft Null Acht. KMFDM, Funker Vogt, Project Pitchfork, Leæther Strip, Spetsnazand Modulateare only a few acts who besides many others contributed to the project. The two singles Volle Kraft Voraus and Ende Der Träume topped the German Alternative Charts for weeks.

In 2010 the mini-abum Als wären wir für immer, consisting of all new material, hit the strores. It also stayed in top positions of the Deutsche Alternative Charts for many weeks, and re-entered during the Nitzer Ebb / Die Krupps European tour in April of 2011. The tour, which was launched under the motto Join In The Rhythm Of Machines, was a huge success. A joint Nitzer Ebb / Die Krupps EP, consiting of re-worked versions of each band's favorite songs, was sold exclusively at the shows. Those songs were also played live, followed by the definite highlight for many fans, the anthemic Machineries Of Joy, which saw both bands perform the song together for the first time.

At the end of 2012, the first single from the upcoming album The Machinists of Joy was released. Risikofaktor made it No.1 in the German DAC Charts again, and stayed in the pole position for a full month.

2013 was to become the year when Die Krupps machinery went back into full swing. The machines were greased, the dust shaken off, the factory gates opened again. After shift operation was restored, the long-awaited new prototype The Machinists Of Joy rolled off the assembly line on 25.10.2013. With this most recent effort Die Krupps seamlessly pick up the streak of their genre-defining releases in the '80s and '90s. Die Krupps still deliver Metal MACHINE Music - heavy, danceable, sometimes epic machine-music, adorned with well-placed guitar attacks and the ever-onward hammering of the steel-o-phone, paired with critical contemporary lyrics, setting themselves off from what has become the norm today.

Referring to their top-10 Billboard-hit from 1989 Machineries Of Joy, the album title already hints at a stronger focus on electronic sounds, rather than guitars, which dominates the current outfit of Die Krupps. However, resolute riffs have been worked into the songs very pointedly. The album also makes it No.1 in the German DAC Charts, where it is currently holding the pole position again for the second consecutive week. The second single of the album Schmutzfabrik peaks at No.2, and staying there for 7 weeks.

From mid-February 2014 the factory bell rings in the nightshift on European stages, to be known as The Machinists Of Joy Tour 2014. 12 dates have been scheduled on which Die Krupps are going to present their first studio album of the new millennium in sweat-inducing manner! Full speed ahead!


1981 - Stahlwerksinfonie

1981 - Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn (Single)

1982 - Volle Kraft Voraus!

1982 - Goldfinger (Single)

1982 - Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn (Single)

1985 - Entering The Arena

1985 - Risk (Single)

1989 - The Machineries Of Joy (Single)

1990 - Germaniac (Single)

1990 - Die Krupps (Single)

1991 - Germaniac / Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn (Single)

1991 - Germaniac 2001 (Single)

1991 - Metall Maschinen Musik 91-81 Past Forward (Compilation)

1992 - I

1992 - Metal Machine Music (Collaboration)

1992 - The Power (Single)

1992 - A Tribute To Metallica (EP)

1993 - II - The Final Option

1993 - Enter Sandman (Single)

1993 - Enter Sandman / One (EP)

1993 - Die Krupps (Box-Set)

1993 - Stahlwerksinfonie & Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn (Compilation)

1993 - Fatherland (Single)

1994 - Bloodsuckers (Single)

1994 - Crossfire (Single)

1994 - To The Hilt (Single)

1994 - The Final Remixes (Compilation)

1995 - Fatherland / Bloodsuckers - Radio (Single)

1995 - Isolation (Single)

1995 - Scent (Single)

1995 - Rings Of Steel (Compilation)

1995 - III - Odyssey Of The Mind

1996 - Remix Wars Strike 2 - Die Krupps Vs. Front Line Assembly (Split)

1996 - Metalmorphosis Of Die Krupps (Compilation)

1997 - Foundation (Compilation)

1997 - Fire (Collaboration)

1997 - Paradise Now

1997 - Rise Up (Single)

1997 - Black Beauty White Heat (Single)

2005 - 25 (Single)

2007 - Too Much History Vol. 1 + 2: Electro + Metal Years (Compilation)

2007 - Too Much History Vol. 1: The Electro Years (Compilation)

2007 - Too Much History Vol. 2: The Metal Years (Compilation)

2009 - Volle Kraft Null Acht (Compilation)

2010 - Als wären Wir Für Immer (EP)

2011 - Join In The Rhythm Of Machines (Split)

2012 - Industrie-Mädchen (Single)

2013 - Risikofaktor (Single)

2013 - The Machinists Of Joy

2014 - Robo Sapien (Single)

2015 - Battle Extreme / Fly Martyrs Fly (Single)

2015 - V - Metal Machine Music

2015 - Kaltes Herz (Single)

2016 - Live Im Schatten Der Ringe (Live)

2016 - Stahlwerkrequiem (EP)

2016 - Alive In A Glass Cage - EP (Collaboration)

2018 - Fuck You (Single)

2019 - Welcome To The Blackout (Single)

2019 - Vision 2020 Vision

2019 - New York (Single)

2020 - Trigger Warning (Single)

2020 - No More Heroes (Collaboration)

2021 - Songs From The Dark Side Of Heaven



1 - Cover
Eine lange Zeit war verstrichen, seitdem Bands begonnen hatten, durch elektronische Musik zwischen Experimental und Industrial den Grundstein für folgende Generationen von Musikern zu legen.
A Tribute To Metallica - Cover
Der erste Zugang den Krupps war für viele die ihren Weg nicht von Anfang an verfolgt hatten die EP "A Tribute To Metallica".
Odyssey Of The Mind (III) - Cover
Und schon wieder stand die Band ohne Drummer da.
Paradise Now - Cover
Der Abschiedsbrief der Krupps hört auf den Namen "Paradise Now" - obwohl sich das Ende der Band selbst im Nachhinein allerhöchsten zwischen den Tönen andeutet.