Molly Hatchet

BiografieIn the early 1970´s a new form of music was emerging in the south. A mixture of blues, country, gospel and the English invasion of rock and roll that later was to be coined the phrase "Southern Rock." The music was filled with style and emotion and with bands in the forefront such as the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and a band from Jacksonville, Florida called Molly Hatchet. Named after a famous 17th century axe murderess hatchet molly who would behead her lovers with the hand tool Lizzy Borden made famous.

Their self-titled debut album which included Danny Joe Brown, Dave Hlubeck, Duane Roland, Steve Holland, Banner Thoman and Bruce Crump in the lineup was released on Epic records in 1978 and reached multi-platinum status as the band established their reputation of working hard, playing tough and living fast through intense touring with such bands as Aerosmith, Bob Seger, The Rolling Stones and many more. In 1979, Flirtin With Disaster was released and history was in the making. The band continued touring on the road with an average of 250 live shows per year and like the first album it also achieved multi-platinum status. Lead singer, Danny Joe Brown left the band in 1980 and contacted Bobby Ingram, a well known southern guitarist and friend, who gave brown his first singing gig in 1975 with a Jacksonville based band called Rum Creek. Brown and Ingram then put together with keyboardist John Galvin the Danny Joe Brown Band and continued touring until 1982.

During this time, Beatin The Odds(1980) and Take No Prisoners(1981) was released with singer Jimmy Farrar. Brown returned to record No Guts ... No Glory(1983), The Deed Is Done(1984) and Double Trouble Live(1985). In 1985, Bobby Ingram, with his songwriting and live performance abilities came into the band to replace Dave Hlubek. The band continued to tour over 200 dates a year and in 1989 record Lightning Strikes Twice for capitol records.

In 1990, while Ingram, Galvin and Brown continued the tradition as Molly Hatchet the tough touring schedule lead to the other members departure from the band. The Greatest Hitsalbum was released in 1991 and certified gold. The band from 1990 until 1995 took a break from recording but continued to write new songs and tour in the united states, Canada and Europe. Devil´s Canyon, the first studio album in 6 years was then recorded in Hamburg, Germany in 1996 under the care and guidance of Rainer Hansel, CBH Records. With producers Kalle Trapp and Bobby Ingram the album was voted the number one rock record in Europe for 1996. With a history of diabetes, brown was unable to fulfil studio and touring responsibilities and he brought in Phil McCormack to take over the lead vocal position. Long time member Bobby Ingram - lead guitar, Phil McCormack - lead vocals, John Galvin - keyboards, Bryan Bassett - lead guitar, Andy McKinney - bass, Mac Crawford - drums, make up the current lineup.

From the release of Devil´s Cannon and the world wide touring coordinated by Steve Green, Artists International Management, the band has continued performing the classic hits such as "Flirtin With Disaster," "Gator Country," "Whiskey Man" and "Dreams I´ll Never Dee," as well as, the current hits in the true spirit and southern tradition of Molly Hatchet. The 1998 release of Silent Reign Of Heroes was recorded back in Hamburg, Germany with producer/guitarist Bobby Ingram and is kept in the same spirit and tradition as the past with new hit songs "Mississippi Moon Dog," "Saddle Tramp," "Miss Saturday Night" and the title track "Silent Reign Of Heroes". Included on the album is an acoustic version of the classic hit "Fall Of The Peacemakers". The band is currently on an extensive 18 month world tour in support of the new release "Kingdom of XII" where guest artist Charlie Daniels appeared on 2 tracks the album charted in Europe and had much success.

In 2003 the band is celebrating it´s 25th anniversary of the first national or international release with first a double Live album "Locked and Loaded" recorded in Germany as they concider this their home away from home and it is the first time in 7 years that a Live album has made the European Charts and SPV GmbH is still there beloved record company with Rainer Hansel and Manfred Schutz. The band has plans on touring in support of the 25th anniversary and will release a new studio album of all of the classic songs re-recorded in this generation of the band with Artists International Management, Inc. as their agency that keeps the band touring and bringing southern rock to all of the united fans worldwide. And after 2.5 decades the band is working hard, playing fast and living tough and still Flirtin´ with Disaster!!!Quelle: - Molly Hatchet

1979 - Flirtin´ With Disaster

1980 - Beatin´ The Odds

1981 - Take No Prisoners

1983 - No Guts No Glory

1984 - The Deed Is Done

1985 - Double Trouble Live

1989 - Lightning Strikes Twice

1995 - Cut To The Bone

1996 - Devil´s Canyon

1998 - Silent Reign Of Heroes

2000 - Kingdom Of XII

2003 - Locked And Loaded (live)

2003 - Greatest Hits Live

2003 - 25th Anniversary-Best Of Re-Recorded

2005 - Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge

2010 - Justice

2013 - Paying Tribute (Compilation)


25th Anniverssary - Best Of Re-Recorded - Cover
Bei Best Of-Scheiben kurz vom weihnachtlichen Konsumterror ist schon mal Vorsicht geboten.
Paying Tribute - Cover
Coverscheiben sind schon was Lustiges, sofern sie auch originell sind, und man sich, wie im jüngsten Fall Heino, herrlich darüber aufregen/amüsieren/totlachen kann.
Setlist – The Very Best Of - Cover
Sony veröffentlicht unter dem Titel „Setlist“ 16 Live-Alben bekannter Künstler (Alabama, Blue Öyster Cult, Cheap Trick, Elvis Presley, Jefferson Airplane, Johnny Cash, Johnny Winter, Judas
Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge - Cover
Gleich zwei Schicksalsschläge musste Gitarrengott Bobby Ingram in den letzten Monaten hinnehmen.