Soul Doctor

BiografieSometimes, true friendship really stands the test of time – even in the ever changing music business. When singer Tommy Heart and guitarist Chris Lyne first met in 1986, a substantial dream team was born. Their first common band was called HEARTLYNE which caused a lot of attention in Germany’s Metal scene during the middle of the 80’s. Singer Tommy Heart though decided to move on, and after recording with V2 and ZENO, he in 1990 co-founded Hanover based Melodic Rockers FAIR WARNING which Heart so far has recorded five extremely successful albums with and received various Golden Records for selling more than 500.000 units up to today. Stardom in Japan followed and raised a lot of mystery about this German band and their charismatic singer beeing so successful abroad. One of their secrets undoubtfully is Heart’s unique, outstanding voice and his immense, powerful vocal range which took their truly outstanding compositions onto the highest possible level. As a logic result, Heart went out on the road with some of the finest musicians of acknowledged acts such as RAINBOW, THE SCORPIONS, MSG, GIANT, SAGA, C.C.R., JIMMY BARNES & STATUS QUO. Allthrough the years, Tommy Heart and Chris Lyne stayed in active contact and remained close friends. At the end of the 90’s both musicians thought it was time to write a couple of new songs together which in 1999 built the foundation of starting their new band SOUL DOCTOR. Their unique sound perfectly reflects Heart’s and Lyne’s collective passion for classic Hard Rock and influences from bands such as British legends LED ZEPPELIN, THIN LIZZY, WHITESNAKE and BAD COMPANY as well as from various US bands of the genre – which especially stand out when having an in-depth listen to Lyne’s American and English influenced guitar style. Two highly successful albums, “Soul Doctor” (2001) and “Systems Go Wild” (2002), were followed by even more successful touring together with KINGDOM COME, DIO, AXEL RUDI PELL and ALICE COOPER plus single headlining gigs in Europe and Japan both which established the band as one of the finest and most powerful live acts of today. After some line-up changes and having former HEARTLYNE/ SKEW SISKIN bassist Jogy Rautenberg joining the band as new, full-time member, SOUL DOCTOR pulled out their 3rd album “For A Fistful Of Dollars” in late 2005. Once again, this album received best feedback from the press and resulted in touring as headlining band in Italy and Spain as well as in some successful live gigs together with MAGNUM singer BOB CATLEY in 2006. These changes in various ways marked a new start for SOUL DOCTOR which resulted in a new multi-album record deal for Europe with Germany based label Metal Heaven. The band hit the studio in December 2006 to start the recordings of their new album, 4th “Blood Runs Cold” which was releases in September 2007 in both Asia and Europe. In the meantime, singer Tommy Heart was voted as 3 best vocalist of 2006 by the reader’s of Japan’s leading Metal magazine Burrn! – another perfect reassurance of his great talent! After playing some of Europe’s leading Hard Rock fests such as Sweden Rock, Firefest & United Forces Of Rock – the band added some more successful touring to their schedules. In late 2008, SOUL DOCTOR signed a new multi-album deal with King Records in Japan. At the end of 2009, the recordings for the next album “Way Back To The Bone” are finished. The album will be released in Europe on Nov. 20th, 2009 and Nov. 26th in Japan. Furthermore, this record marks the return of original drummer Zacky to the band. More tour dates are currently being prepared! Quelle: - Soul Doctor

2002 - Systems Go Wild

2005 - For A Fistful Of Dollars

2007 - Blood Runs Cold

2008 - That’s Live

2009 - Way Back To The Bone


Chris Lyne
Sonntag 07.10.2007
SOUL DOCTOR haben mit ihrem viertem Album "Blood Runs Cold" wieder mal einen guten Happen bluesgetränkten Hardrock auf die nicht nur auf Deutschland beschränkte Fangemeinde losgelassen. Seelendoktor Gitarrist Chris Lyne stand aus diesem Anlass Frage und Antwort.


Blood Runs Cold - Cover
Viertes Album, viertes Label (jetzt Metal Heaven) - auch eine Art von Konstanz. Ansonsten ist auf die Berliner Band SOUL DOCTOR aber auch Verlass.
For A Fistful Of Dollars - Cover
SOUL DOCTOR um Ausnahmesänger Tommy Heart (ehemals Fair Warning) haben sich nach einem furiosen selbstbetitelten Debüt Anno 2001 und einem ebenfalls nicht schlechten Zweitwerk "Systems Go Wild!" für i
Soul Doctor - Cover
Wau – endlich mal wieder eine Band die zurück zu den guten alten Zeiten findet und eine geile Hard Rock Scheibe hinlegt von denen es heutzutage leider viel zu wenig gibt.
Way Back To The Bone - Cover
Die Berliner Melodic Rocker SOUL DOCTOR, deren Geschichte bis in die tiefsten 80er Jahre zurückreicht und namhafte Szenegrößen wie HEARTLYNE, ZENO oder FAIR WARNING gestreift hat, gelten auch nach der