Zann formed in late 1999 as a four piece. After some shows John joined on second guitar. Since then there were no line-up changes.
Das Feuer brennt, die Flammen schlagen aus. Wir sehen dem gut gelaunt zu und kippen noch extra etwas Benzin hinein.
Angenommen, Gott würde sich eines Tages angewidert von der Menschheit abwenden und einfach verschwinden.
Zarathustra wurden im Sommer 1996 gegründet. Der Bandname geht zurück auf Friedrich Nietzsche, Autor des „Antichristen“ und Vollender des Atheismus.
The band that never quits! Originally formed as a pure "jam-band" playing covers of what rock´n´roll that kicked arse, till now writing original songs in the vein of P.O.D., Nickelback and Creed.
Zebulon was risen from the ashes of Desultory, a band formed back in 1989. Between 1993-1996, Desultory released three full-length albums, Into eternity, Bitterness and Swallow the snake.
Back in1985 a new band was formed; whose intention it was and still is, to bring back lost fantasy to all mankind.
Zeke, The one, the only, bad ass northwest mad men newly reunited and reformed. Back from the grave, delivering the most insane rock and roll your ears have been craving.
Though raised near the blues scene in Memphis, Tennessee, Jonathan Saunders grew to enjoy the music of the post-British invasion and of the European romantic composers over the local jazz and blues-ba
ZEN ZEBRA wurde 2007 gegründet von Marv Endt, Eric Badstübner, Benjamin Schmidt, Stefan Chüo und Johnny Cotta.
Line-Up for "Zenology II":Zeno Roth - guitar & keyboardsMichael Flexig - vocalsTommy Heart - vocals on “Hard Beat” & “Dreaming The Night Away”
Von Zeit zu Zeit gibt es Bands, die man nicht mehr vergisst. Bands, die etwas Neues erschaffen und mit einer immensen Selbstverständlichkeit agieren.
2002 "Kalte Sonne"Die Vergangenheit
Founded in 2006 with members out of bands like Maroon & 138, ZERO DEGREE had just one aim. To play hard and particularly melodic metal!
The story of Zero Division begins in Spring 2009, when Rufus Blake and Jonny C. Maverick decided to start a new band project.
Formed in the beginning months of 2002, Zero Down´s founding members, Lenny Burnett (Guitar - No Direction, Mr.
In 1993, almost everyone thought that metal was history. Guitarist Jasun Tipton and bassist Troy Tipton, twin brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area, did not succumb to these prevailing doubts.
Zero Illusions was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in the summer of 2004.