It all began in 1997 when Martin Ekelund met Patrik Berglin and started to discuss music. They soon found out that they share the same taste in music.
WAY TO END's "Desecrated Internal Journey" is everything its title promises… and more.
WAYFARER is black metal of the American West.
Ard Chieftain O’Hagan – Vocals Dave Briggs – Whistle, Mandolin, Backing Vocals Saul McMichael – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
WE, still for many a mystery... The fact is that WE are one of the most interesting bands to have come out of the Scandinavian rockscene in the last 10 years.
In the year 2000, five guys decided to start a metalband and call it Eat Unda Table.
It's the stellar polygamist marriage between the grandeur of Darby Crash, the jerking of Elvis' hips and the no-nonsense of rock and roll itself; the foul trinity of the father, son and the irreverent
Weird Fate was founded in 2001 to create oppressive dark and atmospheric music which comes from deep within and drags you down to the utmost darkest layer of existence.