We Live In Trenches

BiografieIt's the stellar polygamist marriage between the grandeur of Darby Crash, the jerking of Elvis' hips and the no-nonsense of rock and roll itself; the foul trinity of the father, son and the irreverent ghost. In the year of our lord 2007, WE LIVE IN TRENCHES saw the light of the day and quickly shunned it. Locking themselves in their rehearsal space to redefine work ethic as an expression and to capture the essence of piss and vinegar, they fused that into their own bastard children and created anthems for generations to come.

WE LIVE IN TRENCHES is a dubious train wreck of minds that will probably serve as a dissonant wake-up call, a thought-provoking siren at 3AM.
While echoing bands like BLACK FLAG, POISON IDEA, UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS, MOTÖRHEAD and even AC/DC, it's far from nostalgia and they maintain their own agenda and sound. It's punk rock with a sore throat. Quelle: Autonomy Clinic 7"


Autonomy Clinic - Cover
Im formschöner Verpackung gibt’s den ersten WE LIVE IN TRENCHES-Vinylbrocken. Na gut, Brocken ist geprahlt, ist halt nur eine 7“.