WOTH malformed in the sublime, barren month of January 2004 with a unified goal to create utterly extreme, horribly heavy, sewage laden - manky as be fucked filthy anti-music that sounds like its rott
Blut. Schweiß. Lichtblitze aus dem Stroboskop. Nebelschwaden wabern durch den Raum. Willkommen zu einem Konzert von Wretched!
WRETCHED is a melodic death metal band based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Formerly known as And Since Forgotten, WRETCHED was formed in September of 2005.
In the autumn of 2005, five guys came together to create metal history. After a couple of gigs Wulfgar recorded their first demo, called “Hate for mankind”. It was a success!
Pål Jackman founded Wunderkammer somewhere in the mid-nineties after spending a summer on a little room with a guitar and a toy-piano making songs for a band not yet started.
With their epic compositions WUTHERING HEIGHTS combines musical elements from almost every genre - folk, speed metal, neo-classical, orchestral and progressive rock.
Wykked Wytch is a Florida based female-fronted extreme metal band.
Solidly rooted in the classic sound of the 80's, foremost influenced by the NWOBHM era WYSDOM GIVEN delivers headstrong Heavy Metal.