Weak Aside


WEAK ASIDE was formed in 2006 by Tom Zorn from the ashes of several bands from Emden (amongst others FEARER, MANDRAKE, BK49). After all members were found the band started the songwriting for their first album which took a look back on the old days of Death Metal. 

Since all members were skilled musicians the band grew together as a unit quickly and was ready to enter the studio in the summer of 2007 to record their debut album “Fire At Will” which reminded of the beginnings of the genre and presented a tribute to good old British Death Metal flagship BOLT THROWER.

After the recordings and the release of “Fire At Will” in spring 2008 the band carousel started turning, forcing the band to take a little break until the positions on drums and guitar were reoccupied. With new energy and only a short rehearsal period with the new members the band started working on their second album “Ghostleader”. The integration of some thrash metal elements gave WEAK ASIDE’s sound a somewhat fresher touch. 

Finally, at the end of 2009 the songwriting for “Ghostleader” was finished and ready to be recorded. This time the mixing and mastering was done by Thilo Krieger at Desert Inn Studio (also LAY DOWN ROTTEN, MILKING THE GOATMACHINE). He did an excellent job and gave the band exactly that old school sound they were looking for. In the summer of 2010 “Ghostleader” then was released by Remission Records.

Press reactions:

Rock Hard 9 of 10 points
Legacy 13 of 15 points

In 2011 there again were some changes amongst the members, this, however, in 2012 resulting in the present and far the best line-up within the band’s history. 

In April-May 2014 WEAK ASIDE entered Soundlodge Studio to record 9 new songs, plus 2 tracks from their first album “Fire At Will” as well as a cover song. At the end of that year WEAK ASIDE were signed by FDA Rekotz who will release their new neckbreaker on March 20, 2015 in CD and also vinyl format. 

Album title: “The Next Offensive”

Line-up 2015:

Tom Zorn – guitar & vocals (ex-Fearer, Vomiting Corpses, Morsgatt, Satans Blood)
Luke Kerk – lead guitar (also Dawn of Disease)
Marc Dieken – drums (ex-Obscenity, Dew Scented)
Alex Pahl – bass (ex-Obscenity, Dew Scented)

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