There is really nothing much to do when growing up in the small danish town of Thisted – unless of course you happen to be very fond of fishing.
RAVAGE wurde im August 1999 gegründet.
Ravage is a heavy metal band from the Boston area of Massachusetts in the USA which blends elements from traditional sub-genres of metal to create a powerfully melodic and unique sonic assault.
Wir schreiben das Jahr 1974 als sich in Newcastle, England vier Kids unter Führung der Brüder Gallagher aufmachten, eine Band an den Start zu bringen, welche die etablierten Rockdinosaurier das Fürcht
Ravenholm is a Black Metal Band from southern Germany. The band was formed in 2006, by B (guitar), Lifbrasir (guitar), Mike (drums) and Vordal (bass).
Ravens Creed was formed in late 2006 by Steve Watson (ex IRON MONKEY/CEREBRAL FIX/CONSUMED/HELVIS/DESECRATOR) and Jay Graham (ex-UNDERGROOVE/SKYCLAD/RETURN TO THE SABBAT and former session drummer for
RAVENTHRONE is the creation of Engelmacher alias Armand Hortolomei and Pazuzu alias Ray Wells.
RAW ENSEMBLE, die Thrash Metal Band aus Ulm, wurde Ende 2009 gegründet. Die Mitglieder sind allerdings seit fast 20 Jahren in verschiedenen Bands aktiv.
Raza De Odio were born officially in April 2002, although that project was since some time in the mind of Peso (Necrodeath´s drummer) and Paco, guitarist with his flamenco culture and rock nature.
The band’s unique blend of influences taken from hardcore, emo and indie will most definitely earn them a spot in the forefront of modern European hardcore.
RAZOR OF OCCAM sind eine Black/Thrash Metal-Band mit Sitz in London. U.a. die Hälfte von Destroyer 666 ist bei den Jungs aktiv samt Mitgliedern von Adorior.