Riefenstahl wurde 2002 von Gitarrist Ralph Laskowski und Sänger Jens Esch ´´Die Schabe´´ gegründet. 2004 veröffentlichte die Band
RIFU is a political HC/Punk band from Trondheim, Norway.
Ring Of Fire´s story begins in the year 2000.
Mark Reale – guitars Mike Flyntz – guitars Mike DiMeo – vocals Pete Perez – bass Frank Gilchrist - drums
Sebastian Funke: GitarreOlaf Kissing: SchlagzeugFlorian von Bargen: BassStephan Brune: Gesang
Armed with the fury of classic punk acts as Minor Threat and Bad Brains, blended with intelligent vocals and a serious commitment to providing a positive alternative to the oft-dreary and disenchanted
Started out in the summer of 2002 as a side project between members of two of Belgiums finest bands, Kingpin and The Deal, RISE AND FALL quickly turned into a fulltime band after the demise of this la
Started in November 1993 when Josabeth gathered some of her friends to electrify the songs she made. First demo released 4 month later.
Rising Anger sind fünf junge, leidenschaftliche Musiker aus dem Raum Wiesbaden.
Risk It! was founded in march 2009.