RUINS are a black metal band from Hobart, Tasmania.
There is a secret underground crime syndicate called RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER (Society RsG) that has been running shit for eons. They are not the mob; they are bigger than the mob.
Runemagick, band/projekt from sweden, formed in the early 90´s.
80s Technical Speed Metal from Bavaria!
Die Kanadier Rush sind das erfolgreichste was das Land je an Musikern hervorgebracht hat.
Unite three musicians - playing three unique roles; each compelled to move in the direction of what is timeless, to draw on history and take from where they’ve grown and from the traditions of m
Anfang 2004 entstanden aus den Resten der regionalen Death Rock-Band INTO THE PIT, welche einen hervorragenden Ruf genossen hatte, RUSTED CHAINS.
"The way of the South" has resonated through southern music for generations and "the way", it seems, for southern metal bands is often raw, to-the-point, unfiltered expression; unflinching delivery oo
Kassel City Old School Hardcore