RAVEN BLACK NIGHT began in 1999 when founders jim.petkoff [the white knight]guitar and vocals and rino amorino[the raven] met at a Adelaide bar in south Australia also where ac/dc found bon scott bar and talked about all things hard rock and metal and decided to form a epic rock doom band talking influences from black sabbath,deep purple,slayer,Uriah Heep,kiss,70s and 80s metal and beyond and add there own epic doom metal twist to the music.They enlisted matt Spencer [the black night]on bass and vocals who bought in his extreme metal influences and bought original drummer Jeremy lamas[the god farther] in.they rehearsed hard came up with a set and played any gig they could find playing with death and black metal bands and any rock bill in the local Adelaide scene,The band released there first demo on tape in 2000 and stared getting mail from parts of Europe and Australia,in 2002 Jeremy left and Adrian montanaro briefly joined to record there 2002 demo morbid gladiator which saw more increased interest from Germany and Europe and Australia some reviews comparing the band to ac/dc.After Adrain left.a attempt to record there debut cd was abandoned. In 2003 joe toscano the duke joined on drums bringing in his progressive rock influences, with the line up settled the band played many shows on Australia's east coast in Sydney and Melbourne playing festivals such as morbid tales,blood lust,evil invaders and all the Armageddon Adelaide metal festivals.In 2005 the band released choose the dark to much well received reviews in metals underground scene in Germany/Europe/Australia and some parts of nth and south america .Interest in the CD led the band to play a German tour that included a spot on the headbangers open air 10th year anniversary festival alongside Candlemass, rage and many other legendary true metal acts,hells pleasure that had the extreme metal crowd singing some songs with the band and hard and heavy summer nights that included a up and coming Sabbaton. they also played the headbangers open air after show party at hamburgs famous ballroom. In 2008 Jim and Rino enlisted Chris Dorian on bass and Phil portalessi on drums and continued to play shows around there home town in 2010 they bought in drum matt enright and recorded tracks that would be released in 2013 on there barbarian winter album on legendary metal label METAL BLADE on cd and double viynl that bought RAVEN BLACK NIGHT TO THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE and saw the band continue to get many favorable reviews across the word wide metal hard rock scene,two of the tracks also appeared on a killer metal record vinyl metal or death.The band toured around Australia with big tom stepping in on bass and supported legendary names such as Paul dianno,gus gs firewind,kamelot and legandary hard rockers Uriah heep.In 2016 blood and iron records released metal martyrs a double cd anthology which included the first cd choose the dark with unreleased songs and demos on cd for the first time further establishing RAVEN BLACK NIGHT in the hard rock metal world.In 2019 Jim and Rino played the prestigious Up The Hammers in Athens Greece with Nick.p on bass William.b on drums[both very respected in Greek metal and progressive scenes] with true metal bands around Europe and the world and headlined by Armoured Saint.The band had a very currently successful show and Europe awaits there return. JIM and Rino have been writing many new songs for there new cd they will record soon be free and run with the raven.


2000 - Demo 2000 (Demo)

2002 - Morbid Gladiator Demo (Demo)

2004 - Choose The Dark

2007 - Return Of The Metal Martyrs (Demo)

2010 - Metal Or Death I (Split)

2013 - Barbarian Winter

2020 - Run With The Raven