RAISE HELL (Stockholm, Sweden) was formed in 1995 by Jonas Nilsson(guitar/vocals) and Niklas Sjöström (bass).
Raised Fist was formed in 1993.
Formed originally in 1996, Rakoth have always set out to be something of an enigma.
The name RAM says quite a lot about the music that the band performs.
1998 begann RAM-ZET als Einmannprojekt, mit dem der norwegische Künstler Zet seine eigenen musikalischen Visionen auslebte.
RAMESSES´ original and devastating sound embodies torrential riffing, freeform psychedelic jams and enigmatic spells.
Playing their first show in January of '07, Ramming Speed have since loaded into just over 250 basements, living rooms and piss stained bars around the US.
The music of RAMPART follows the concept that life is frequently a range of people and events. The memories are fading with time.
Rock...? Indie...?? Emo...??? nochmal ganz von vorne... Das Jahr 2005 beginnt gerade als sich ein paar Jungs aus Erlangen dazu entschließen der Welt ein Stück mehr Krach darzubieten.
Be prepared to be blown away. The new album by Randy Piper's Animal has arrived.
Bitte immer noch nicht füttern - Immer noch bissig!
RAPIDFORCE is a heavy metal band formed in 1990. It's first recordings were taken same year in May, and contain 5 tracks which were later included in the first album.
Dark Essence Records are proud to announce the signing of the new Ukrainian band, Rattenfänger!