Lonewolf comes from the city of Grenoble, Southeast of France. Born in 1991 and split in 1996, the members have played an uncompromising heavy metal since their inception. Big fans and purists of the Eighties, Jens Börner (Vocals, Rhythm guitar, only founding member still active) and his band will stay faithful to a raw and direct Heavy Metal. During this first period, 3 recordings have been produced:

•« The Dark Throne », Tape intended to approach for local small concerts, 1992 (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Chris/Bass & Walkyr/Drums)

•« The Calling », demo Tape 1993 (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Félix Börner/Lead guitar, Roland/Bass & Walkyr/Drums)

•« Holy Evil », 45rpm 1996 (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Félix Börner/Drums, Stefan/Lead guitar & Roland/Bass).

These creations got a very nice feedback from the underground  stage, particularly with the 45rpm which became cult song  for the fans.

In 1996, they recorded  “Children of the Unlight”,  which unfortunately will never be edited due to a label problem. This misadventure will kill the band members’ motivation and they will split in the wake. Out of this record a song called “Fantôme” is a bonus track into the CD “March Into The Arena” edited by Goimusic.

During four years, Lonewolf didn’t exist anymore. Jens, for its own pleasure started again to play guitar to cover songs and for fun. Under friendly and persistent  fans’ pressure, in 2000, Lonewolf took a new start with a self-produced CD called “March into the Arena”, », (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Dryss Boulmédaïs/Bass, Félix Börner/Drums & Mark Aguettand/Lead guitar).

Aim of the new band was always the same raw heavy metal and nothing else. Critics were excellent, the Spanish label Goimusic signed with the band and has re-edited “March Into the Arena” with one bonus track. This record leads Lonewolf to the first French music band of Heavy Metal playing in Greece (Heavy Metal Holocaust in Athens with Raging Storm, Airged Lham…) and allowed the combo to open  Grave Digger for their first French date.

Reinforced by these successes, the second record has been released in 2003, ‘”Unholy Paradise”, (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Dam’s Capolongo/Lead guitar, Dryss Boulmédaïs/Bass & Félix Börner/Drums). Although this record does not benefit from a big budget, it leads the band to play on the international stage (Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland……) and then to share the stage with great artists like Paragon, Paul Di'Anno, Sabaton, Grim Reaper, Misanthrope, Wizard, Dark Age, Battleroar…)

In 2004, a special 45rpm is released “Hellenic Warriors”, totally dedicated to the Greek fans whose support is indefectible since beginning of the band.

2007 is the year of their 3rd album « Made in Hell », ( Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Dam’s Capolongo/Lead guitar, Dryss Boulmédaïs/Bass & Félix Börner/Drums ). Mix and mastering have been implemented by Eike Freese ( Dark Age ) to the Heike Studio in Hamburg. This album will be released beginning of 2008 and the band will play at the Heavy festival in Athens called « Up the Hammers Festival III » with Manilla Road, Omen, Stormwarrior, Silver Fist… On stage Jan Büning (Paragon) will play bass like guest instead of Dryss (moved to Canada). To replace Dryss,  Lonewolf welcomes  the former Nightmare guitarist, Alex Hilbert.

The first fragments of the 4th album are recorded in 2008, when Lonewolf opens another time for Paragon to the Metal Rage Fest in Sélestat in Alsace with Mystery Blue, Abandoned and Rebellion.

2009 is an international year for Lonewolf with the “Play it loud festival” in Italy (Exciter, Jag Panzer, Wotan…), Blaze Bayley concert opening in Belgium, the “Pounding Metal Fest" in Spain (Wolf, Nocturnal...), the famous Headbangers Open Air to Hamburg (Manilla Road, Pretty Maids, Tankard, Razor, Tank...) and finally the "HardRocker Festival" in Poland (Mekong Delta, Tygers of Pan Tang, Wizard ...). During the new album’s pre-production, Felix Börner decides to leave the band. He is immediately replaced by Antoine Bussière.

In 2009 a "best of" called “Curse of the seven seas” was released, and sold with the “Hardrocker” a Polish magazine. With 10000 copies, the CD is a very big instrument for promoting in Poland and neighbouring eastern countries.

To close a rich year, in November 2009, the 4th album is released “The dark crusade” (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Dam’s Capolongo/Lead guitar, Alex Hilbert/Bass & Antoine Bussière/Drums) released in CD at Karthago records (Germany) and vinyl album at Killer Metal Records (Germany).

Beginning of 2010 the band goes to play in Poland, to Varsovy, with Wild Knight and Crystal viper, just before the Steel Wolf festival in Spain. Lonewolf sees its 3rd album "Made In Hell" re-edited in vinyl impulsed by Emanes Metal Records (France), associated with Eat Metal (Greece), Jolly Roger Records (Italy) and Under Siege Records (France).

2010 will be an European year too, with the first 100% French Metal festival in Germany in Frankfurt, the French Metal Attack (Mystery Blue, Hürlement, Arès and Heavynessiah), the Czech Republic, some French dates… Athens in November, Thessaloniki and the famous Metal Forces Fest to Lörrach in Germany with a new bassist  Rikki (ex Mystery Blue) and then Alex playing guitar.

2011, European tour like headline with Dragonsfire and Iron Fate.  Big event at the end of the year, the band signs to NAPALM RECORDS (AUT).

March 2012, Lonewolf releases "Army of The Damned" (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Alex Hilbert/Lead Guitar, Rikki Mannhard/Bass & Antoine Bussière/Drums) which will mark a new turning point. This followed by a new European tour with Mystic Prophecy and Stormwarrior in support of Powerwolf which has been a great success and has appeared into festivals like Metalfest in Germany and in Austria and the PPMF in Belgium. This excitement will be confirmed at the Hard Rock Session in Colmar (F), where the band opens for Nightwish in front of 9000 people...

Beginning 2013, they came back in studio for the 6th album’ recording “The Fourth and Final Horseman’’ (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Alex Hilbert/Lead guitar, Rikki Mannhard/Bass & Antoine Bussière/Drums), mixed in Germany to the Greywolf studio by Charles (Powerwolf). With "the fourth and final horseman", Lonewolf is on the European roads again and plays in Germany, Greece and Spain.

January 2014, recordings of “Cult Of Steel" (Jens Börner/Vocals-guitar, Alex Hilbert/Lead guitar, Rikki Mannhard/Bass & Antoine Bussière/Drums) with always Charles at the helm, the band signs in the wake with MASSACRE RECORDS (ALL), which will release the record the 24th of October 2014. For professional reason, Antoine Bussière leaves the pack and is replaced by Bubu Brunner (Syr Daria / Black Hole).


1992 - The Dark Throne (Demo)

1993 - The Calling (Demo)

1995 - Holy Evil (Single)

2001 - March Into The Arena

2003 - Unholy Paradise

2004 - Hellenic Warriors (Single)

2008 - Made In Hell

2008 - Curse Of The Seven Seas (Compilation)

2009 - The Dark Crusade

2010 - Metal Or Death I (Split)

2011 - March Into The Arena / Unholy Paradise (Compilation)

2011 - Wolfsnaechte 2012 Tour EP (Split)

2012 - Army Of The Damned

2013 - The Fourth And Final Horseman

2014 - Cult Of Steel

2016 - The Heathen Dawn

2017 - Through Fire, Ice And Blood (Single)

2017 - Raised On Metal

2020 - Division Hades



Army Of The Damned - Cover
Nachdem die neue RUNNING WILD eher für Enttäuschung denn für Begeisterung sorgt, kommt aus Frankreich das perfekte Substitutionspräparat.