Biografie2001 was the year where a dark and aggressive sphere began to expand from the high north! This was the year, where the self-entitled debut from Danish agro thrashers Hatesphere was released upon the world. The unique mix of aggression, groove and melody quickly established Hatesphere as the leading act in Danish metal.

In 2002 Hatesphere entered the Jailhouse studio to record their 2. album "Bloodred Hatred" which showed the band from a faster and more melodic edge with blistering guitar solos and a wide range of vocal abuse! The band was clearly drawn towards a more complex, aggressive and catchy thrash metal approach compared to the debut. "Bloodred Hatred" won the Danish Metal Award 2002 for "Best Album"

After a massive amount of concerts and tours around Europe with bands as The Haunted, Testament, Mnemic and Mastodon, Hatesphere once again entered studio to record a mini cd with the remarkable title "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Black". Again, lots of concerts were played, and on stage the band showed a high-energy performance that blew away both audience and press. In 2003 Hatesphere won the title as "Best Live Band" in the Danish Metal Awards. 2004 Hatesphere once again entered the Jailhouse studio to record their 3rd album called "Ballet Of The Brute". Once again, the sphere gained another layer, as the record turned out to be a lot more aggressive and straight-in-your-face brutal than the earlier albums - but still with the significant touch of melody and groove that represents the Hatesphere sound.

This time the band hooked up with all time thrash kings of Exodus for an extensive tour of good ol´ friendly violent fun! The Summer Of The Brute 2004 also took the band to new territories as they toured with New Orleans sludgecore veterans, Crowbar. After thrashing the hell out of festivals all over Europe, Hatesphere returned to the high north to write new material. The new stuff will be released on the "The Killing EP" as an appetizer for the forthcoming album, which is to be released worldwide through their new label, Steamhammer/SPV later 2005. Now the time has come for Hatesphere once again to invite metalheads all over Europe to a brute ballet with thrash titans Kreator, Dark Tranquility and Ektomorf. So join us in the Killings, as the dark sphere is once again expanding from the high north.

Hell is here
HateSphereQuelle: http://www.hatesphere.comDiscografie2001 Hatesphere

2002 Bloodred Hatred

2003 Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed And Something Black EP

2004 Ballet Of The Brute

2005 The Killing EP

2005 The Sickness Within


The Great Bludgeoning - Cover
HATESPHERE ist eine Band, die wir bei METAL-INSIDE quasi seit den Anfängen begleitet haben und die uns gerade zu den Zeiten mit Jacob Bredahl am Mikro viel Spaß gemacht hat.
The Killing EP - Cover
Neuen Nachbarn bringt man zum Einzug Salz und Brot, so jedenfalls der Brauch auf dem Lande (Klischee, ich weiß).
The Sickness Within - Cover
Langeweile scheint ein Wort zu sein, dass HATESPHERE nicht kennen.
To The Nines - Cover
HATESPHERE haben auch wirklich alles neu gemacht, vom beinahe kompletten Line-Up (nur Pepe an der Gitarre ist noch vom 2007er Line-Up dabei) bis zum Plattenlabel.