DEBAUCHERY – Monster Metal

BLOOD GOD – Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

BALGEROTH – German Metal




The three Blood God overlords of the Debauchery Universe are mighty dragons with demonic powers. They are Dracul Drakorgoth, Setekh Drakorgaur, and Balgeroth. Together, they are the Trinity of Blood Gods.



Dracul Drakorgoth was the first dragon forged in the holy fires of God to protect Eden, and he was also the first to fall to the lies of Hell’s demons. Dracul was subjugated by succubi and possessed by demons, but after millennia of pain and war he freed his draconic heart from the chains of imprisonment and sent it through a hellgate to earth. There, he was born again, ripping from the pale belly of a virgin to take his revenge. Dracul Drakorgoth is now a huge centauroid beast, his former demon-possessed body fused with the so called Debaucherynatrix Warmachine.

He is a primordial force of destruction, clad in biomechanical armour and driven by the power of his draconic heart. Dracul can still detach from his lower body, allowing the Debauchery Warmachine to fight on its own, driven only by the instinct to kill and inflict pain. Drakorgoth’s power grows stronger when he devours demons and wizards, but pays a heavy price of madness with each feast. Yet even amid the slaughter, there are times Drakorgoth finds peace, and slivers of the honourable warrior he once was can be glimpsed. But such moments are fleeting, and his self-loathing for what he has become and the memories of terrible deeds he has committed fills him with brutal, all-consuming rage.

At his side stands the Debauchery Legion; a host of madness incarnate, comprising ancient and mighty chaos dragons once possessed by succubi but who have cast off the yoke of their enslavement, Drakespawn offspring sired in acts of barbaric cruelty, draconic killerbeasts, hordes of human and elven slave warriors, enslaved vampire succubi, and Blood Babes.



Setekh Drakorgaur is the mightiest warmaster of the Legions of Balgeroth, known as the Red Dragon, the Blood God of Earth. He commands the Killerbeast Legion of Murderbrute Minotaurs from his throne upon the Black Ark, the mightiest Hellship of the Drakornaut Fleet. He is also the patron of livestock and beasts of all kind, fighting for animal liberation. His horde is animalistic, blood-crazed and only out for violence. Their war-cry is HATE! KILL! MURDER!



Balgeroth is the Bloodking of the Immortales Cruores and the ruler of Knochenheim, sometimes called the City of Bones. There, at its highest peak, stands his fortress: the Skull Mountain. He is the archenemy of the demonic legions and hates the Hellgod, Skrathnikar Luziferon, and his lying witches above all. He also despises humanity, elves and dwarfs, enslaving millions of them in his infernal legions. The armies of Balgeroth comprise many different Drakor Legions, militaristic hordes of mortal warriors, and Legions solely formed of bloodcrazed draconic killers. But the very worst of his legions are wrought in his laboratories of madness, horrors of draconic stock given shape from biomechanical parts, hellforged steel and demonic flesh. The stitched and chimeric Balgerothi Blood Gods wrought here are armed with deadly plasma and flame cannons to better slaughter their foes in the name of Balgeroth. 


2003 - Kill, Maim, Burn

2004 - Rage Of The Bloodbeast

2005 - Torture Pit

2007 - Back In Blood

2008 - Continue To Kill

2009 - Rockers & War

2010 - School's Out (Single)

2011 - Germany's Next Death Metal

2012 - Butchered In Bertingen (Video)

2013 - Kings Of Carnage

2015 - Fuck Humanity

2016 - Thunderbeast (Split)

2018 - In Der Hölle Spricht Man Deutsch (Split)

2019 - Blood For The Blood God (Compilation)

2021 - Monster Metal (Split)



Freitag 25.01.2008
DEBAUCHERY sind ein Phänomen für sich: sie gehören zu den stärksten traditionellen Death Metal-Bands Europas, liefern eine geile Scheibe nach der anderen ab, haben es aber bislang nicht geschafft, ihr fast noch undergroundiges Dasein abzulegen. Und jetzt setzt Hauptsongwriter Thomas mit „Continue To Kill“ wieder einen drauf.


Samstag 06.05.2017
An diesem Abend Anfang Mai ging es endlichmal wieder in die Markthalle, diesmal zum Wolfsfest. VARG als Headliner und einige interesante Vorbands versprachen einen schönen Abend.


Continue To Kill - Cover
Bereits die Listening-Session im Hamburger Ballroom deutete an, dass DEBAUCHERY mit „Continue To Kill“ einen richtig fetten Braten in der Röhre haben, der endlich mit dem gängigen Vorurtei
Kill Maim Burn - Cover
Ein sehr geiles, an H.R. Giger erinnerndes Cover ziert "Kill Maim Burn" von Debauchery.
Kings Of Carnage - Cover
Die erzkonservativen, pseudomoralistischen und scheinheiligen Bildungsvertreter in Baden-Württemberg haben sich seinerzeit nicht durchgesetzt: DEBAUCHERY gibt es immer noch, und das ist auch gut so.