BiografieIn post-apocalyptic times the Blood God starts the Death Metal Warmachine again. 10 years of constant warfare have made DEBAUCHERY even more brutal and sinister. Battlefields all over the world, from Russia to China, all across Europe the „Man in Blood“ left victorious. Most of the well-known festivals – Wacken, Summerbreeze, With Full Force - were destroyed. On the campaigns DEBAUCHERY followed bands like Napalm Death, Destruction, Six Feet Under and more. The Blood God and his Murder Squad strode beside icons like Slayer, Venom, Immortal and Saxon – always recognisable because of their gore-drenched shows, half-naked Blood Babes and mutilated body parts.

The controversity of the band has brought DEBAUCHERY time and again in contact with the big mainstream media, be it a story in BILD about the lesbian porn for Death Metal Warmachine or articels about the loss of the teacher-job of the frontman. But in spite of all the brutality of the fantasy image, in real life the moral standards are of another kind: Thomas Gurrath is vegetarian, his statement the video for Animal Holocaust, created in cooperation with PETA.

The themes for the new album KINGS OF CARNAGE are an amalgam of blood and violence based on the DEBAUCHERY world of Carnage - with attached table-top wargame and collector`s miniatures like Bob, the Butcher of Bitches. The album tells about monsters, making cookies out of people in industrial murder-camps – for the first with German lyrics (Let there be Blood). It tells about murder-engines coming through the gates of Hell to make our world their battleground, screaming their warcry: Yes we kill! It tells about the Last Crusade, an alliance of Christians and Dragons, it tells about Demonslayers and the Brotherhood of the Blood.

The cover-artwork for this new masterpiece has made no other than the fantasy-icon Adrian Smith, behind the brutal sound stands Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Krokus).

The music is straight, groovy, dark, brutal and tells evil stories. DEBAUCHERY is more than just Death Metal – genres are broken, 10 years in music business, 10 years in Metal, 10 years of DEBAUCHERY and now the 10th album of the Blood God.

KINGS OF CARNAGE, the new audio-visual massacre of the most blood-soaked Heavy Metal band on Earth. Blood for the Blood God.
Quelle: - Kill Maim Burn

2004 - Rage Of The Bloodbeast

2006 - Torture Pit

2007 - Back In Blood

2008 - Continue To Kill

2009 - Rockers And War

2010 - Schools Out (Single)

2011 - Germany´s Next Death Metal

2013 - Kings Of Carnage


Rage Of The Bloodbeast - Cover
DEBAUCHERY konnten schon letztes Jahr mit ihrer sehr geilen "Kill Maim Burn"-Scheibe in die Herzen der Florida-Fraktion spielen. Touren mit u.a.
Rockers & War - Cover
Es gehört zu den ungeklärten Mysterien des Roggnroll-Zirkus, warum eine schon seit Längerem in der musikalischen Banalität wütende Death Metal-Combo wie SIX FEET UNDER immer noch wie Hulle abgefeiert