BiografieA band that have got their own chapter in The National Encyclopedia of Doom. Candlemass released the first masterpiece of misery in 1986 with the classic "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus", and from that moment we judge heavieness with new sad eyes. If you would drop an anvil from the top of the Empire state building you understand just how heavy this band is. Darkness isn´t dark enough and massive sucidal thoughts ooze out of a record with the weight of a black hole. In 1987 the follow-up "Nightfall" was released and Candlemass were darlings of the press just like that. Destined to world-domination and fame, these swedes toured all over the world over and over again determined to save us from light mainstream shit as Guns n´ roses and Metallica. They even had a monk on stage. The almighty Messiah Marcolin ruled the scene - when he didn´t go through it ­ and his impressive vocal talent (together with the doomdance) made sure people came to the shows and bought the records.

Massive sales both in Europe and in the states brought Candlemass into the charts in England, Germany and the american Billboard chart. Not bad for five swedes with a love for Sabbath and Trouble. Chief songwriter Leif Edling said in interviews: "We didn´t know what we were doing. We played the heaviest possible music and people just hated us. Whenever there was a gig everybody slagged us off. All of a sudden we were famous and had a million friends." It´s not easy to be prophets anywhere, but Candlemass are still hailed as one of the heaviest bands in the history of rock. If you listen to the fans they would also add one of the best. From Australia to Tokyo, South Africa to Alaska, even the eskimoes know the lyrics to "Mirror mirror" or the opening riff of "Well of souls". People wanna die to ?Solitude? and sing karaoke to "At the gallows end". Hey, this band even got their own coverband: Ancient Dreams from Gothenburg.

After nearly half a million sales from both sides the atlantic Candlemass disappeared from the scene in 1993, much to the grief of uncountable metal fans around the world. They wanted to quit while still on top, a bit roadweary and uninspired, but still alive and ready for new achievements. Messiah went on with Memento Mori, Lars and Jan recorded the Zoic album together, Mappe was producing a legendary swedish comedian - Kalle Sändare and Leif gave out something called Abstrakt Algebra in 1995. Two more albums bearing the name of Candlemass saw the light of day before rumours of "the second coming" started to spread in the autumn of 2001.

This is what happened; The Candlemass remasters was soon to be released and the band was discussing a reunion. They all met for the first time in ten years over a pizza and beer at a Stockholm restaurant. The meeting was a total success. Not only were the boys ready to destroy Stockholm again at a releaseparty held on the 13:th of december, they all agreed to give Europe a lesson in doom in the upcoming summer of 2002.

So here we are now. After some total doom-mania - to celebrate the fantastic re-issues - at the Wildside Club in Stockholm, the boys are now back in the rehearsal room. Messiah, Leif, Mappe, Jan and Lars are getting prepared to take on the european festivals. Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany will all receive a visit from the heaviest band in the world. As will the Sweden Rock Festival, the official kick-off of the tour. Expect a wall of Marshalls, a sea of lights, bombs and a mad monk on stage. Doom doesn´t get any better than this! If you live in the States, South-America or Japan - watch out! You´ll be next!!! Quelle: http://www.candlemass.netDiscografie1986 - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

1987 - Nightfall

1988 - Ancient Dreams

1989 - Tales Of Creation

1990 - Live

1992 - Chapter VI

1994 - The Best Of Candlemass -­ As It Is, As It Was

1998 - Dactylis Glomerata

1999 - From The 13th Sun

2002 - Doomed For Live

2003 - Documents Of Doom (DVD)

2005 - Candlemass

2005 - The Curse Of Candlemass (2-DVD)

2007 - King Of The Grey Islands



Dienstag 26.04.2005
Erst Reunion, dann Split, dann wieder Reunion und jetzt auch noch ein neues Album: bei den Doom - Göttern CANDLEMASS ist man sich anscheinend nicht immer sicher, wohin der Hase nun laufen soll. Aber eines ist doch sicher, nämlich die Qualität, mit der die Schweden auch 16 Jahre nach ihrem letzten Meilenstein "Tales Of Creation" ihre Fangemeinde verzücken.



Candlemass - Cover
The legend is back!!!
Documents Of Doom - Cover
Zugebenermaßen verstehe ich den Begeisterungssturm zur Festival-Season 2002 bezüglich dieser schwedischen "Trödler" kaum.
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - Cover
Man könnte stundenlange Debatten darüber führen, welches der ersten vier Candlemass-Alben nun das geilste ist.
King Of The Grey Islands - Cover
Nachdem sich das einstige Flaggschiff des epischen Doom Metal vor über zwei Jahren mit einem selbst betitelten Album saustark zurückgemeldet hatte, ging das Drama auch schon los: Sänger und Aushängesc