Deeds of Flesh was created back in mid 93' by Jacoby Kingston, Erik Lindmark and Joey Heaslet. Before Deeds, we were all in different bands.
Deep Black Sees are an Italian progressive rock band, hailing from the hilly heart of Sicily.
Deep Insight, here’s the bio we guess it’s a must for every official band page.
DeepCore wurde in 2009 von Sebastian Erhard (g), Danny Frauenhofer (d) und Clive Jevons (g,v) gegründet. Die drei verbindet eine Leidenschaft für Metal und vor allem Metallica.
Mit den heißen Sonnenstrahlen des Sommers 2003 entfachte das Feuer alter Zeiten in vier ambitionierten Musikern aus Albstadt und Heidelberg den Wunsch, das Gefühl und Bewusstsein früher Rockmusik für
The biography of a band, the few lines in which one is going to try to sell art as a product and make it look attractive to the medias and the recording industry, while in fact the passion and the ene
Formed in Massachusetts in 2004 and solidified in 2008 from a diverse background of musicians, Defeater is a forward-thinking hardcore band with more to them than just mosh parts.
Defecation was formed in the summer of 1987.
Ancient Japan: fearless warriors known as Samurai follow a cult of death. Modern Japan: musical warriors follow the cult of Death Metal. Defiled are back.
Rostocker Band Defined By Lies verbindet verschiedenste Elemente aus Death Metal, Metalcore und Deathcore mit melodischen modernen Klängen (modern melodic death metal with deathcore/metalcore influenc
Defleshed started in 1991 by guitarist Lars Löfven. Other band members at this time was Kristoffer Griedl and Oskar Karlsson (now found in bands like Raised Fist and Scheitan).
Gegründet wurde DEFLORATION im Frühjahr 2001 von Bertram(Gitarre), Marko(Bass), Alexander(Gesang) und Christian(Drums). Anfänglich spielten wir Rock im Stile der Schweden Punk - Rockbands.