Deathbreed – a new breed of Swedish Death MetalDeathbreed was founded in the fall of 2009 when Samuel and Ted discovered they shared a musical vision within Death Metal.
Aggressive Finnish thrash act Deathchain was formed in winter 1997, under the name of Winterwolf.
DEATHFIST was started by Markus after splitting from Mortal Remains in October 2008. The aim of the new project was to record and release material already written.
The first rehearsals of the pre-DEATHRONATION band took place in 2004 when B. Cunthammer (guit., vox. ), Stiff Old (guit., vox.) and Eyehate (drums) started their noisecelebrations in an old bunker.
DEATHROW - Das ist das Solo-Projekt des vielbeschäftigten (Black-)Metal-Musikers Thorns, der gerade (aber nicht nur) in seiner Heimat Italien eine große Bekanntheit ist.
The ideal of “hard living” used to be synonymous with hardcore/punk.
Man könnte DEBASE aus Malmö/Schweden wohl als dieBand bezeichnen, der es gelingt sich jeglichem Versuch derKategorisierung zu widersetzen.
In post-apocalyptic times the Blood God starts the Death Metal Warmachine again. 10 years of constant warfare have made DEBAUCHERY even more brutal and sinister.
DEBRIS INC. is the new musical movement featuring Dave Chandler from Saint Vitus and Ron Holzner formerly of Trouble.
As any fan of the genre will tell you, there´s Death Metal and then there´s Real Death Metal.
DECAY OF DAYS (aus Aachen) existieren in dieser Besetzung seit 2005 mit der Intention Ihre Sichtweise von harter Musik zu manifestieren und ihrer Frustration freien Lauf zulassen.
DECEIVER was formed in January 2004 by ex - Maze of Torment member Pete Flesh - guitars, ex - Xenofanes member Crille Lundin - bass, Magnus Flink - drums and Destormo - vocals.
The Story of "December Flower" started, when "Chronicle of Tyrants" came to an end. The creative core of CoT decided to proceed creating their own style of Melodic Death Metal.
Wenn wir uns sechs, sieben Jahre früher getroffen hätten, hätten wir nie eine Band zusammen gegründet“ erzählt Ingo6 immer wieder gern, wenn er sich an die Anfänge erinnert.
Hello, dear underpaid and overworked Music Writer, thanks for being interested enough to read this. I hope your coffee, tea or blood of virgin panda bear tastes good as you peruse this.
Decline entstand im 2004 als Desolation, zum Band gehören Soya (Schlagzeug), Bart (rhithmische Gittare), Jaca (Leitergittare), Wodzu (Bas).
Decline Of The Iis a French project led by A.K.