A sound that is smiling, swearing and living! 
Lots of surrealism, grandiose, magnificent songs and charisma!

Apart from the important characteristics of ambition and confidence, CRYPTEX stands for another significant mark:

These guys are musicians who have found and created their own distinctive style! In their songs they are experimenting with an extensive “chemistry set” of music. 

The result is an impressive, limitless, bright, dark, creative and beautiful mixture of that universal art form.

CRYPTEX’ uniqueness has been attracted the attention on international stages and of established music magazines since the beginning of 2009. 

The guys looking back at a long list of concerts and successes which brought them an increasing number of fans and an enormous media presence all over Germany and Europe.

A throwback into the past shows more than 300 shows in about 23 countries! 

Tours with Acts like Threshold, Pain Of Salvation, big arena shows with Horror-Rock-Legend Alice Cooper and appearances on renowned festivals like Metaldays Slovenia, 70k tons of Metal and German Kultrock Festival.

They collected first US appearance in february 2017 as well as a couple of headlining tours.

They have enthusiasticly commended releases of their albums since the groundbreaking debut in 2011.

CRYPTEX is known for an unmistakable and rare unique selling point. THEIR OWN ORIGINAL TIMELESS MUSIC. They are an extraordinary formation with mastermind Simon Moskon at its head, together with André-Jean-Henri Mertens as the other musical force and jack of all trades David Silesu.


2011 - Good Morning, How Did You Live?

2015 - Madeleine Effect

2020 - Once Upon A Time

2022 - Piquè (Single)




Donnerstag 26.10.2023
Wie versprochen, habe ich THE CRYPTEX zum Interview geladen. Leider ist Sänger und Mastermind Simon Moskons wegen Krankheit entschuldigt, ich wünsche ihm hier eine schnelle Genesung und komme direkt zu meiner ersten Frage an den "Ersatzmann" Gitarrist André Jean Henri Merten.


Good Morning, How Did You Live? - Cover
Endlich hat es geklappt und ich darf Euch CRYPTEX als Album-Review vorstellen (siehe PAIN OF SALVATION Konzert-Bericht).
Live At De Bosuil - Cover
CRYPTEX hatten Kollege Marco Live, damals im Vorprogramm zu PAIN OF SALVATION, und auf CD kräftig beindruckt.