Auckland, New Zealand-based unorthodox Death Metal act ULCERATE was formed by guitarist Michael Hoggard & drummer Jamie Saint Merat in 2000, with the aim of creating, dark oppressive Death Metal. This focus has since developed & metamorphosed into a far more dynamic approach with a fully realised sense of atmosphere & mood, while furthering their foray into the darker end of the genre’s spectrum.


2003 - Ulcerate (Demo)

2004 - The Coming Of Genocide (Demo)

2006 - The Coming Of Genocide (Compilation)

2007 - Of Fracture And Failure

2009 - Everything Is Fire

2011 - The Destroyers Of All

2013 - Confronting Entropy (Single)

2013 - Vermis

2016 - Extinguished Light (Single)

2016 - Shrines Of Paralysis

2020 - Stare Into Death And Be Still



Everything Is Fire - Cover
Nichts gegen hochtechnische Mucke aus dem Extrembereich, schon gar nicht, wenn die Bands etwa DEATH, ATHEIST, MESHUGGAH, NECROPHAGIST oder INTO ETERNITY heißen!
The Destroyers Of All - Cover
55 Minuten technischer Death Metal, ohne dass eine Sekunde davon langweilt – ULCERATE gelingt dieses Kunststück mit ihrer neuen Scheibe „The Destroyers Of All“.