Signs Of Hope

BiografieHailing from Southern Connecticut, Signs of Hope is a fast and energetic hardcore band with a touch of melody. The band was formed in September of 2003 with the intention of playing straight to the point songs loaded with sing-a-longs, mosh parts, and an overlaying positive message. The band's demo quickly earned them a reputation as one of Connecticut's premier acts, landing them on Stillborn Records. The ability to establish themselves as a home state headliner off a six minute demo reflects Signs of Hope's capability to resonate with fans and win the hearts of the hardcore scene. Signs of Hope's debut CD titled "First and Foremost" was released July 25th, 2006 and has already been supported by 2 Full US tours. The band's goal from here is to release another full length CD and tour the globe. Expect to see these guys in your area soon...Quelle: First And Foremost EP


Choices Made (EP) - Cover
Ausdauernd sind sie nicht, die Youth Crew-Recken SIGNS OF HOPE.
First And Foremost (EP) - Cover
SIGNS OF HOPE orientieren sich auf ihrer ersten Scheibe am Hardcore der End-80er, der durch YOUTH OF TODAY und Konsorten unter dem Banner „Youth Crew“ geprägt wurde.