BiografieARCHER is not just another power trio. Dylan 20 (Guitar and vocals), Duke 20 (Drums) and Isaiah 21 (Bass and vocals), is an intense hard rock and metal band whose music reaches far beyond its years. Archer brings forward a new, hypnotic, and unmistakable blend of songs that leave even shy audiences chanting like a third world mob.

ARCHER prides itself on songwriting, musicianship, and stage performance. The songs are a powerful blend of thundering rhythms, led by Dylan’s blistering guitar work and memorable lyrics. Lighting the way for a new movement that honors the past, and paves the way to the future, ARCHER stands alone as innovators- holding the torch of modern Rock and Metal.

DYLAN....Guitar and Lead Vocals

Dylan emerged from the post grunge era of the 90 's with something new and different to say. Dylan's powerful vocals and tasteful guitar work blends heart and emotion with technical prowess, leaving behind the world of three chord punk songs and over glamorized MTV puppet bands.

ISAIAH...Bass and Vocals

Isaiah began playing bass guitar with a vengeance at an early age. He learned from his father, whose roots left a unique imprint on him. Extending the typical role of the bass player, Isaiah deviates from tradition by carving out ripping, tasteful riffs that stand alone, yet enhance the melody and while maintaining the thunderous groove of the rhythm.


Duke is one of the premier young drummers in the California bay area. Coming from a Jazz background Duke’s innovative approach provides the percussive attack (Explosive, fast, precise, and hard hitting) that paves the way for the driving melodic songs that have become the trademark of Archer's style.

A composite of raw energy, technical perfection and subliminal undertones of pure intensity, ARCHER is a combination of past and present styles brought to life in a stage show seething with an energy that brings crowds to a frenzy with fists in the air.

ARCHER… The future of rock is upon you.
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Mittwoch 27.11.2019
Nachdem TOXIK am Vortag schon ordentlich vorgelegt hatten, war es nun an der kanadischen Speed Metal Legende ANNIHILATOR da nachzuziehen.


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Diese Underdogs aus dem sonnigen Santa Cruz in Kalifornien gehören nicht zu der großen Welle der amerikanischen Trendreiter, sondern sehen ihre Wurzeln bei traditionellen Bands wie LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK