Coogans Bluff


Where other bands stuck within their creative process or completely dissolve, COOGANS BLUFF managed to reinvent themselves during challenging times. Their singer left the band 2012 and bassist Clemens Marasus took the job whereupon their unique sound and own style completely emerged.

Rolling Stone magazine paid hommage by describing the band as a “blend of 60s/70s-Hardrock, Hippie-Funk and some kind of Captain Beefheartesque Blues deconstruction”. Some call it “Retro” but it is hard to find many others combining Krautrock, Progressive and even Space-, Psychedelic-, Stoner- and Bluesrock in such an unusual way. Their songs are bulky as they are catchy and the groove leaves enough space for melodies and details to unfold.

And now here is “Flying To The Stars”. An unintentional concept album. Individually written song parts seemed to be interwound organically and form one primary theme, once combined with the artwork and lyrics it all came together. This only turned out at the end of the process and the band itself says: “It is a bit like the movie Interstellar … but without the cheesy ending. The state of our world is similar because of scrambling social structures, religious conflicts on a global scale, famine and a renaissance of reactionary ideologies – in short: we should seek a fresh start.”

What could be better for a new beginning than a lift off to space That’s exactly what, COOGANS BLUFF thought, so come onboard and join them on this intergalactic exploration! The nearly 13 minutes long opening track is that rocket launch and the beginning of our journey. “Flying to the stars – with my spaceship very fast – to find a place above – full of love”, says the spaceman floating in the vast darkness.

Like the statement above, the whole concept should not been taken this seriously since the band has a very characteristical sense of humor and Lightweight approach regarding their image. The music on the other hand is played with pure dedication. Thorough and carefully executed.

COOGANS BLUFF is a band that knows how to combine the best of both worlds … in fact best of some more worlds/far more than two actually. With a sound that is retro and contemporary at the same time they win over the hearts of Retro-Rock traditionalists and still show experimental, fresh and daring ideas. Buckle up, kick back and listen without distraction! We’ll meet again in outer space.

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