Spheric Universe Experience

BiografieThe early beginning of Spheric Universe Experience dates back to 1999, when guitarist Vince Benaim decided to create a progressive metal band together with his friends Sam (on drums) and John Drai (on bass). The band did some local gigs in and around the southern parts of France, going by the name of Gates of Delirium.

They knew that they limited their own repertoire by not incorportating vocals and keyboards, so by 2001 keyboardist Fred Colombo entered the band together with vocalist Alex. Now going by the band name of Amnesya, the guys did lots of liveshows and one demo CD.

In August 2002, the band split because of musical disagreements leaving Vince, John and Fred to continue under the name of Spheric Universe Experience.

During the next 8 months their passion for composing led them to write a complete album, which they recorded at home as a demo in April 2003 with session vocalist Franck Garcia, who came in just a few days before the recordings began. The vocals were recorded in a professional studio, and although Franck didn´t have much time with the band prior to recording it, the result is very convincing, which is why he now have joined the band fulltime.

The 2003 demo, "The Burning Box", was sent to Intromental Management in Denmark, who immediately fell in love with the bands sound, and decided to offer them a management-deal.

With drummer Volodia Brice (Kitto, Frédéric Lépée, Stéphan Forte...), the band began recording the final album, "Mental Torments", in August 2003.

The cover artwork has already been done by famous Swedish artist Mattias Norén ( Early 2004, Volodia Brice decided to give up with SUE for personal reasons. The band immediately started to search for a drummer. During spring 2004, Guillaume Morero became the new drummer of SUE.
The band has been playing for 8 months with this line up. However, at the end of year 2004, there is a new change on drums: Guillaume Morero is substituted by Nicolas "Ranko" Muller, who is already recognized as an excellent drummer with his band Artefact. His huge technical skills have actually caught the attention of the band.

Now, the band has finalized their 2nd effort, "Anima", which is a strong follow up to the debut, showcasing S.U.E. from their finest side. The album was recorded by Charles Massabo during the summer of 2006 in Coxinhell Studio and Kallaghan Studio in France and was mastered at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark by Tommy Hansen, giving the music of S.U.E. the extra powerful touch that is needed in today´s music market. Artwork was this time around handled by Björn at Killustrations Media in Germany ( The album is released worldwide by Sensory Records (part of the Laser´s Edge Group) since April 2007, and exclusively in France by Replica Records.Quelle: - Mental Torments

2007 - Anima

2009 - Unreal


Anima - Cover
Mit "Anima" veröffentlichen die französischen Proggies ihr zweites Album, das erkennen lässt, dass das Quintett bereits eine ordentliche Reife erlangt hat; immerhin liegen die ersten Gehversuche der B
Unreal - Cover
Mit ihrem vor knapp zwei Jahren veröffentlichten Album „Anima“ haben die französischen Proggies ein hörenswertes, wenn auch nicht gerade überragendes Scheibchen abgeliefert.