BiografieSerenity´s history has its beginning in January 2001 when the first complete line-up after several personal changes and more than a year of rehearsal started to work hard on writing and performing melodic metal with some progressive influences. Being quite succesful in playing live and receiving fine reviews for the first demo established Serenity as one of the leading metal bands of the region. They seemed to be ready for reaching higher grounds when in late 2003/early 2004 three of the founding members left the band. In February 2004 Serenity got in contact with a guitarist, a singer and a bass player who were in search of musicians to join their metal project.

And so, since March 2004, Serenity consists of Georg Neuhauser (lead vocals), Thomas Buchberger (lead & rhythm guitars), Simon Holzknecht (bass), Mario Hirzinger (keys, vocals) and Andreas Schipflinger (drums, vocals). The new line-up brought some subtle musical changes, too. Besides introducing a new lead voice the songs were now based on a more "metal" riffing, yet a high demand on melodies, orchestral parts and arrangements for several voices surely remained. "New" Serenity´s crucial test took place on 2nd of August 2004 when they successfully supported Ronnie James Dio facing an unbelievable raging crowd. This first proof of the band´s good work was followed by other strong gigs which finally granted Serenity the approving respect by the local metal scene.

In the meantime they had begun to produce the new demo "Engraved Within" on their own. After being mixed by Jan Vacik at Dreamscape Studios in Munich/Germany "Engraved Within" was released in spring 2005 and received outstanding reviews all over Europe, among them i.e. "Demo of the month" in german Rock Hard and Metal Hammer magazines.

Although some labels were interested to work with the band, Serenity decided to produce a self-financed full-length album which would increase the chances for a more valuable deal including touring activities. "Words Untold & Dreams Unlived" can be called an all-over european project, for it was recorded in Dreamscape Studios/Munich as well as at home in Austria, mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studios/Helsinki, orchestral parts were produced in Czech Republic and the whole artwork was done by Seth-Design in Athens/Greece.

Quelle: V.R. (Demo)

2005 - Engraved Within (Demo)

2007 - Words Untold & Dreams Unlived

2008 - Fallen Sanctuary


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Fallen Sanctuary - Cover
Mit ihrem im letzten Jahr erschienenen Debüt „Words Untold & Dreams Unlived“ landeten die österreichischen Melodic Metaller SERENITY einen Volltreffer, der vor Gänsehautmelodien, aber auch
War Of Ages - Cover
Das aus Österreich nicht nur lecker Essen sondern auch richtig guter Melodic Metal kommt, haben SERENITY ja bereits mehrfach unter Beweis gestellt.
Words Untold & Dreams Unlived - Cover
Die österreichischen Melodic Metaller SERENITY brachten vor zwei Jahren mit "Engraved Within" ein viel beachteten Demo an den Start, durften zuvor schon für DIO eröffnen und kommen nun mit ihrem Debüt