Abigail Williams

BiografieThis is probably the last sound you would expect out of the desert.

Abigail Williams is an extreme metal band from Arizona, and proof that the best metal doesn´t always come from the coldest places?

The band won´t be conveniently pigeonholed into any set style. They take their influences from the best of the best from the old and the new and blend it into a unique and multifaceted hybrid. They have the groove and melody of the Gothenburg style death metal, the face smashing breakdowns of the hardcore scene topped with the bombastic and epic approach favoured by the frostbitten black metal hordes. Starting only in the summer of 2005, a home recorded demo was put together to showcase the songs Ken had written over the years and featured Ashley Jurgemeyer on piano / keys. Connor Woods laid down the vocals and before long the demo, dubbed "Gallow Hill", was born.

These songs were distributed on the Internet via band pages set up on Myspace and Purevolume and, purely by word of mouth, resulted in an astonishing quarter of a million plays in just six months! Inspired by the response to his music, Ken put a full line up together featuring some ex-members of the Metal Blade act Vehemence and started to play local shows with a view to branching out further. Unfortunately this line-up didn´t work out and soon Ken was back working solely with Ashley. Local guitarist Brad Riffs was found and a new demo song, entitled "Watchtower", was recorded with Ken now also taking up the vocal role. Throughout the line-up changes and everything else, Candlelight records were waiting in the wings and watching developments with baited breath. Once the new stable line-up was put into place, a multi-album, worldwide deal was signed.

The band is currently in pre-production for an as-yet untitled full length. It´s scheduled to be recorded in May 2006 with the legendary James Murphy at his new Florida-based production facility. Abigail Williams look forward to hitting the road with a vengeance in the later part of 2006, including a prestigious slot on one of the Emperor reunion shows and a UK tour with friends Suicide Silence.
Quelle: - Legend (EP)

2008 - In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns

2009 - Watch Tower (Single)

2009 - In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns (EP)

2010 - Malediction (Single)

2010 - In The Absence Of Light


In The Absence Of Light - Cover
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS aus Phoenix, Arizona wollen anscheinend unbedingt die amerikanische Antwort auf CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR und Co.
In The Shadow Of 1000 Suns - Cover
Zu ABIGAIL WILLIAMS hat Kollege Dennis bereits im Review zur Tour-EP alles gesagt: mächtig drückend, dabei dem schneller-höher-weiter-Wahn verfallen und dadurch letztendlich anstrengend und belanglos
Legend - Cover
Bei "Legend" handelt es sich laut Info um eine Tour-EP der symphonischen Black Metaller ABIGAIL WILLIAMS aus Arizona, der sich jedoch im Laufe des Jahres noch ein vollständiger Longplayer anschließen

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS waren nie leicht. Nach drei Jahren Verdauungspause bringt die Band nun mit „The Accuser“ ihr viertes Album raus.