BiografieVanna wastes no time in striking hard and striking fast with their debut EP, The Search Party Never Came. This album is a bold display of raw power, vast diversity and level of refinement that stands well beyond that of a “debut” album.

Armed with razor-edged guitar riffs, pounding bass lines, seismic-level drumming and a dual vocal assault that stretches the barriers of voice, Vanna sets off six consecutive tracks of pure musical energy.

Tracks like “A Dead Language For A Dying Lady” and “The Search Party Never Came” are glaring examples of the bands diversity and talent for melding old school hardcore structures with contemporary elements and progressive elements of their own.

Citing bands such as As I Lay Dying, He Is Legend, Underoath, Neil Perry, Everytime I Die, Norma Jean and The Chariot as huge influences, VANNA draws from a diverse pool of sound to create their unique and exciting brand of music.

This debut EP is truly a striking achievement and an incredible start for Vanna; their willingness to exceed the standard barriers of common “hardcore” while not losing site of their roots makes for a truly solid foundation that is sure to serve the band well for years to come.

Quelle: The Search Party Never Came EP


A New Hope - Cover
Für VANNA gab es keinen Grund, ihren Stil groß zu verändern, kamen doch sowohl die EP als auch das 2008er Debütalbum „Curses“ gut an und dürften sowohl der Band als auch Epitaph ordentlich
Curses - Cover
Platten wie „Curses“ lassen den Hörer immer zweifelnd zurück. War das gerade Gehörte jetzt gut oder nur eine billige Kopie bekannter (und oftmals ausgelutschter) Ideen?
The Search Party Never Came EP  - Cover
VANNA haben sich einen Bandnamen ausgesucht, der auch schon von einer kroatischen Sängerin genutzt wird.