BiografieSince 2003 Parachutes is well known for explosive and action-packed
liveshows. They played more than 200 shows with bands like Taking Back
Sunday, The Used, Underoath, Rise Against, From Autumn To Ashes, Boy Sets
Fire, Caliban, Waterdown and hundreds of other great bands.

Their full-length debut “And I won’t stop until you’ve lost everything you
ever loved” was distributed in Europe by the english label Lockjaw Records
(Tribute To Nothing, Second Monday) and brought Parachutes straight into the
ears and hearts of a lot of listeners.

VISIONS, one of Germany´s biggest magazines, attested Parachutes „a debut on
an international level” (06/2006). British Kerrang Magazine gave a „KKKK“
and was sure: „Germany´s Parachutes are on to a winner with their debut
album. (…) Bands that are genuinely exciting are all too rare. (...) Kraut
quintett are the perfect example of how to sound fresh in a suffocated

2008: New full length record „Vultures“, Releasedate 15th February 2008

A lot of bands can scream their souls out of their body, but Parachutes new
record combines heart, emotions and aggression, which drives that mixture to
a whole new level. No room for breathing, just a completely powerful
performance from start to finish.

Within the first seconds of the opener “Fists up and boots off
motherfuckers”, the listeners feel like kissing a hurricane raging on class
5. Thanks to the sophisticated songwriting of the five German musicians
there is no calm in sight.

It feels like beeing trapped in the eye of the storm. A force of nature you
will love. The whole record is filled with Parachutes love for melodies and
melancholy and is used as a link between aggressive rock and hardcore.Quelle: "Vultures"

2006 "And I won' stop until you've lost everything you ever loved" www


And I Won't Stop Until You've Lost Everything You Ever Loved - Cover
PARACHUTES haben schon mal den Preis für den längsten Plattentitel ever sicher, der zugleich sehr bösartig ist. Verflossene Liebe, wo kannst du hinführen?
The Working Horse - Cover
PARACHUTES verlieren mit jedem Albumtitel mehr Coolness-Punkte, auch wenn “The Working Horse“ angesichts der Veröffentlichungs- und Spielfreude der Band stimmt. Aber cool ist was anderes.
Vultures - Cover
PARACHUTES haben für ihren Zweitling leider nicht so einen bitterbösen Titel wie noch bei ihrem Debüt gewählt, „Vultures“ fällt da stark ab in Sachen Coolness.