MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU are hailing from the ruhrpott area with a fresh blend of raging modern hardcore that grounds in a furios mix of metal and thrash while moshing with attitude!!! With three records out on germanies Horror Business Records/ New Music Distribution, they also appear on tons of compilations. Musicwise, you need names to compare? Ok, here we go, they are stamped by a bulk of bands like e.g. Darkest Hour, Death by Stereo, Municipal Waste, Comeback Kid, As I Lay Dying, NOFX, Coheed and Cambria or Unearth. But just like those bands, MTFBWY has enough twists and turns in their music to set themselves off from the crowd and making it harder to label the band’s style. They would love to crash your town!!! Feel free to book them!!! But if you want to see perfect and clean-cut musicians DON’T go and watch a “Force-Show”! But if you’re down with dancing around, having fun, being sweated on, singing along, beer and peanuts then we’ll see you up front!“


2006 - May The Force Be With You / Jason (Split)

2007 - Discometal Youth (EP)

2019 - The Barrier



IRON MAIDEN-Eddy grüßt von der Homepage und auch der Schriftzug der jungen Band ist im Stil der englichen Oldies gehalten. Der Name wiederum ist eindeutig bei Star Wars geklaut.