The Setup

BiografieDesperate times call for desperate measures. Fueled by the current violent state of the world and personal struggles, The Setup have embarked on a mission to create the perfect soundtrack for all hostility to come. Indifferent towards trends and scene antics, pissed off with the fear propaganda and disgusted by ignorance, The Setup are not afraid to take their stance, using intense musical and lyrical messages.

Over the years The Setup have been earning street credentials with their breakthrough record ?The Pretense Of Normality? and the steady touring that followed. Faced with the ordeals inherent to underground music and constant touring, members were bound to come and go, leaving the band behind with a line-up that?s the most efficient and confident to date.

Two years after their last album, and determined to continually progress while sticking to their trademark heavy-hitting and technically skilled sound , The Setup have returned to the studio with a take-no-prisoners approach. This new outing entitled ?Minister Of Death? sees them evolving in their signature sound, whilst tuning down a notch and adding the rawest and most vicious riffs they?ve conjured so far, creating a dark, gloomy and above all heavy album, which is bound to pass the test of time.

After supporting their lauded debut album for GSR-Music and having toured with The Path Of Resistance and Ringworm among others, and despite constantly playing every stage possible, The Setup found the time to retreat to their familiar and confined rehearsal room, to create 11 new blistering hardcore tracks. For ?Minister Of Death? the band once again took producer Ace Zec to the challenge, to put their rawest and most sincere tracks yet to tape, to emerge from the studio with all guns blazing. In addition to 11 blistering tracks, complex artwork by Holland´s Dennis DamnEngine and a bonus-DVD, ?Minster Of Death? is bound to burn ears and make heads turn. Quelle: Minister Of Death

2005 The Pretense Of Normality

2004 Nine Kinds Of Pain EP



Crawl & Reign - Cover
THE SETUP hatten in den letzten zwei Jahren mit einigen Wechseln im Line-Up zu kämpfen, u.a. ging ihr Gitarrist zu BORN FROM PAIN.
Torchbearer - Cover
Was THE SETUP mit ihrer „Crawl & Reign”-EP begonnen haben, setzen sie auf „Torchbearer” fort – der neue Mann am Mikro hat nicht nur einen eigenständigen Gesangsstil vorzu