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BiografieStill waving the hardcore flag uncompromisingly after more than ten years, Strength Approach keep proving what hardcore is all about in a time of bands built on image and poses more than dedication and attitude. The band is going to give light to a new chapter in its history with the release of its second full length "All The Plans We Made Are Going To Fail", out in March 2008 and proving that Strength Approach are far from slowing down or changing their style to sell out to the music business. Recorded at Rome’s Temple Of Noise Studios by Mirko Ravaglia and Cristian Ice, with mastering by Alan Douches at WWS studios in NY, the album is finally ready to be released through GSR records. This new record is going to be a highlight in the band’s song-writing career, with a more mature sound that perfectly mixes aggressive yet melodic guitar lines with harsh vocals, resulting in a desperate and catchy handful of the band’s trademark modern hardcore tunes. Formed in the Spring of 1996 in Rome, Italy, Strength Approach breathed new life into their stagnant and boring local hardcore scene. From their self titled debut 7”, and despite a few line-up changes, the band never slowed down and continued to record and release new material internationally, such as their “Keep the Standards High” 7” on Belgium’s Siton records and their split with Florida’s Esteem on German label Keep It Alive records. With only this handful of recordings under their belt and a 7” entitled “Just Leaving Home” to support, the band set off on its first European tour hitting France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Belgium and England, co-headlining London’s Evil Fest. Another tour followed in 2001, this time focused mainly on the Eastern Nations, where they headlined the region’s biggest hardcore festival, Fluff Fest, in support of their “96-2K1” Discography CD on Hold On Records, which sold out on that tour. After settling into a stable line-up in 2002, the following year Strength Approach released the second pressing of the Discography along with the MCD “The Fall Through My Eyes”. That summer, the band played 25 shows throughout Germany, Holland, Belgium, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, performing at Fluff Fest again as well as appearing for the first time at Endless Summer Fest in Germany. After some line-up changes in 2004, the MCD was re-released, along with a full length on Wynona/Hurry Up records titled “Sick Hearts Die Young”. Yet another European Tour took place in August of 2004, followed by two tours in 2005 to support their new release. 2006 was another great year for the band, with their first Japanese tour and extensive gigging throughout Europe. At the end of 2006 Defiant Hearts released the “Piece by Piece” 7", followed by more European tours, bringing us to 2008…Quelle: All The Plans We Make Are Going To Fail

2006 Piece By Piece EP

2005 Sick Hearts Die Young


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Donnerstag 26.06.2008
it dem kongenial betitelten „All The Plans We Make Are Going To Fail“ haben STRENGTH APPROACH ihrem neuen Label GSR einen echten Kracher zum Einstand beschert. Was die Römer selbst von dem Album halten und wie es um Italien bestellt ist, verraten sie im Interview.


All The Plans We Make Are Going To Fall - Cover
Was für Finnland ENSTAND, sind für Italien STRENGTH APPROACH. Punkt.
Paralitico - Cover
Nachdem die Italiener STRENGTH APPROACH bereits 10 Jahre die Bühnen Europas unsicher gemacht haben, erscheint jetzt ihr erstes komplettes Album.
With Or Without You - Cover
„All The Plans We Make Are Going To Fall” war der große Wurf für STRENGTH APPROACH, immerhin haben sich die Herren seit dem 2008er Album auf viele Touren schmuggeln können.