Shok Paris was formed in 1982 and released their first single Go Down Fighting on Auburn records Cleveland Metal album with singer Buddy McKormick, which received extensive airplay on WMMS. After replacing the original singer with Vic Hix they entered the studio to record their debut album Go For The Throat on Auburn records. This was Auburn's debut as well. The second release Steel And Starlight with new drummer Jan Roll was picked up by IRS/MCA records in 1986 in conjunction with Auburn. Two songs from that album, Go Down Fighting and On Your Feet were included in the cult classic movie The Hidden. Midwest and East Coast tours followed with opening slots on Savatage's Hall Of The Mountain King tour and a tour with Lizzy Bordon.
The third release was Concrete Killers with yet another drummer, Dan Simmons. The highlight of the album was the video for The Heat and the Fire which made rotation on the now defunct Headbangers Ball. Followed by a midwest tour which ended at a live performance for Z-Rock. That performance was included on the bonus CD Live From Dallas. Great performance if you are one of the few that have it.
After a 14 year hiatus Shok was asked to do a performance at the German Bang You Head festival in 2004. It was great to finally play overseas and hopes were high for a new SP release which never surfaced.
Fast forward to 2009. Bill Peters inquired about a Shok appearance at his 25th Anniversary show and I managed to put together what I think is the future of Shok Paris.
After doing a few small club shows I was convinced and we will be making the trip to Germany again this year to headline day one of the Headbangers Open Air Festival in late July. We are currently writing new material and hope to have a full release together by fall of this year. In the mean time our Go For The Throat show at the Beachland May 1st will be recorded and filmed for a possible DVD release which will include a few new songs from the new lineup. To all the naysayers and die hards I can honestly say this will be some of Shok's best stuff.
Shok Paris is alive and well. Sorry it took so long!


1984 - Go For The Throat

1987 - Go Down Fighting (Single)

1987 - Steel And Starlight (Single)

1987 - Steel And Starlight

1989 - The American Dream (Single)

1989 - Concrete Killers (Demo)

1989 - Concrete Killers

2004 - Z Rock - Live In Dallas 1989 (Live)

2012 - Those Eyes (Single)

2015 - Steel And Starlight: The Auburn Sessions

2020 - Full Metal Jacket



Shok Paris
Donnerstag 21.05.2020
Satte 31 Jahre nach ihrem 3ten Album „Concrete Killers“ sind SHOK PARIS wieder da. Sänger Vic Hix gab uns bereitwillig darüber Auskunft, wo die Anfänge von SHOK PARIS liegen, wie schnell 10 Jahre vergehen können und welche Hoffnungen er mit dem neuen Werk „Full Metal Jacket“ verbindet.