BiografieZeke, The one, the only, bad ass northwest mad men newly reunited and reformed. Back from the grave, delivering the most insane rock and roll your ears have been craving. Late 2002 the band had taken a turn for the worst breaking up in London, on the heels of the bands best record to date, Death Alley, it seemed the end of an era.

A year had past, Donny Paycheck found himself releasing the "Live and Uncensored"record on his own label Dead Teenager records. The band was asked by label co-owner Ben Rew, to play a reunion show for the records release party. The fire and energy of that night sparked the band to reunite and start touring again.

Zeke now a three piece, with Sonny having left the band for more profitable and domestic responsibilities. Zeke hit the road the spring of 2003 hitting all the major cities on both the east and west coast´s, also covering some key mid west cities. The band has a European Tour planned for Oct 2003, and is working on a new record.

Zeke has had a broad career playing with many bands such as Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Korn, Slipknot, Suicidal Tendencies, Methods of Mayhem, X, the Misfits, the Dammed and the Supersuckers to name a few. Zeke has also played everything from Stadiums with 50,000 people, to bars with 10 people, but the spirit has remained the same, rock like this might be the last show ever.

Zeke as a band plans on delivering what one might expect, a very fast, live, prolific, punk rock show that leaves you salivating for more. Now on tour in support of the Dead Teenager release "Live and Uncensored" they´ll be kicking ass and taking names. Lock up your daughters, take cover, the mighty Zeke is back in town with a vengeance...Quelle: http://www.zekeyou.comDiscografieFlat Tracker

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Kicked In The Teeth

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Dienstag 21.09.2004
ZEKE spielen verdammt schnell. Und so verdammt schnell und räudig wie ihre Live-Performance hatten sie sich Ende 2002 aufgelöst - und sind seit Anfang 2004 schon wieder vereint.


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Willkommen zum nunmehr 17. Stoned from the Underground!


´Til The Livin´ End - Cover
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