The Quill came out of the ashes of the band Quil and was formed by Magnus Ekwall, Christian Carlsson, George Atlagic, Anders Haglund and original bassist Peter Holm in the beginning of the 90´s and played the Swedish barcircuit the following years. Peter Holm left the band at the end of 1993 and saw Roger Nilsson stepping in to fill his shoes. After writing material for half a year they entered Berno studio in Malmoe and recorded their debut-CD in three weeks.

After signing a recorddeal with Megarock Records the album was released in Europe in March 1995. Also a video for the track "Jet of water" was recorded. The album got an overwhelming reception by the critics and was later voted number 70 in Sweden´s biggest newspaper "Aftonbladets" poll, Top 100 albums of the year. Not bad for an underground band without a big record company behind their back. Other reviews that can be mentioned: 4 out of 5 in Raw, 81 out of 100 in Burrn Magazine. After a short promotion tour in Sweden with Abstrakt Algebra, The Quill played the Karlshamn Rockfestival with bands like Black Sabbath and Fleetwood Mac. A tour of Germany was booked but was later canceled due to some trouble with the record company. Instead The Quill played some more festivals in Sweden. After playing all over Sweden for almost a year the band went underground to start working on the next album. In may 1997 Anders Haglund decided to leave the band, the others feeling no need of a new organ player decided to continue as a four-piece band.

In August 1997 the band entered Berno Studio in Malmoe again and started working on the second album. A month later the album was finished. The band had then recorded 13 new songs.

Since the release of the album was delayed and the guys had written some new songs that they very much wanted on the album they re-entered Berno Studios in the summer of 1998 and recorded the tracks Grand Canyon, Under a vow and Mercury. At the same session they also recorded the song A Sinner´s Fame originally made by the band Trouble and the song Fairies wear boots originally by Black Sabbath. During the autumn of -98 they did a smaller tour of Sweden together with a band called Bullhorn.

The beginning of -99 finally saw the release of the second album entitled Silver Haze and, as the first time around, the press was really enthusiastic. The summer of -99 saw The Quill playing a number of festivals in Sweden and also in Denmark. The highlight of the summer was the gig at Sweden Rock Festival where The Quill played together with bands like Deep Purple, Motörhead, Captain Beyond and Dio. The summer also saw the release of a 10" EP called Evermore on Froghouse records. During all this the band also managed to visit Berno Studios two times and record their versions of Where Eagles Dare by Iron Maiden, Frozen over by Captain Beyond and last Mount Everest by November. All of these songs are to be released in early 2000.


1986 - Demo 1986 (Demo)

1987 - Read It In Your Eyes / Hiroshima (Single)

1989 - Out Of Blue Corners

1991 - Good Times / Our Lovin' Is A Funky Thing (Single)

1992 - Promo Tape (Demo)

1992 - Promotion Tape (Demo)

1993 - Demo (Demo)

1995 - The Quill

1999 - Silver Haze

1999 - Evermore (EP)

2002 - Voodoo Caravan

2003 - Hooray! It's A Deathtrip

2006 - In Triumph

2011 - Full Circle

2013 - Tiger Blood

2017 - Born From Fire

2021 - Earthrise




Full Circle - Cover
Um THE QUILL wurde es nach dem letzten Album „In Triumph“ in 2006 erst mal richtig ruhig – nach Bassist Roger Nilsson (in 2005) verließ Sänger Magnus Ekwall 2007 die Band.
Tiger Blood - Cover
THE QUILL hatte ich bis Dato nicht auf´m Schirm - und dabei bringen die vier Schweden mit "Tiger Blood" ihr bereits siebtes Album auf den Markt. Das muss ich mir wirklich vorwerfen.