Monolith is a brand new death metal band from the east of the Netherlands, and their purpose is to teach all the morbidness and destructive power in the art of Death Metal to the musically stuffed to the gills Dutch audience. No blasé band names from medical handbooks, no bloody, illegible band logos or other numerous clichés of the shamelessly dry-bled genre, but an emotionless and hyper-modern character.

The coagulant of Monolith is the IJssel river that like a black trail of poison streams through the cities of Zutphen, Zwolle and Kampen, the residences of Monolith’s members.

All members of Monolith have extensive experience in the metal scene; with bands like Altar, Deadhead, Exposing Innards, Slayne and Eternal Conspiracy. This musical baggage is Monolith’s guarantee for a post mortal eruption of sound of which the spasms will be felt for a long time to come in the musical polder model of the Netherlands. Monolith plays relentlessly complicated yet catchy death metal. Hyper speed drums complemented with screaming and growling guitars and a triple vocal attack are the mainstay for an hysterical death metal attack that will be unprecendented, especially in the Netherlands.

Monolith will teach you a new culture of death.

Quelle: http://www.monolith-deathcult.comDiscografie

2005 - The White Crematorium

2008 - III - Trivmvirate

2010 - The White Crematorium 2.0 (The Revenge Of The Failed)

2013 - Tetragrammaton

2014 - Obliteration Of The Despised & Decade Of Depression - Live From The Ruptured Continent (Compilation)

2014 - The Disaster Tapes 2006-2012 (Compilation)

2015 - Bloodcvlts (EP)

2017 - V1 - Versus: It Will Burn Us Without Leaving Ash

2018 - Fist Of Stalin (Single)

2018 - Dawn Of The Planet Of The Ashes (Single)

2018 - V2 - Vergelding: Dawn Of The Planet Of The Ashes

2019 - Connect The Goddamn Dots (Single)

2020 - Feet Of Jeremiah (Single)

2020 - The White Silence (Single Edit) (Single)

2020 - The White Silence / Breaking The Sound Of Death (Split)

2021 - Gone Sour, Doomed (Single Edit) (Single)

2021 - V3 - Vernedering: Connect The Goddamn Dots



The White Crematorium - Cover
2003 hab ich THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT als Support von THE CROWN gesehen und da waren die Holländer stumpf langweilig.
Triumvirate - Cover
THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT hatten es in der Vergangenheit nicht ganz einfach, nachdem sie sich mit ungeschickten Äußerungen und Texten leicht in die rechte Ecke drängen ließen.