Mourning Beloveth

BiografieMourning Beloveth began in winter 1992 but it wasn't until 1996 that they recorded their first, untitled, demo, followed by the highly acclaimed Autumnal Fires demo in 1998 (even receiving "Demo of the issue" in Moondance magazine). Over 1200 copies of Autumnal Fires were sold throughout the underground. The debut album, was recorded in the famous Academy studios with Magz at the helm. Dust was released in March 2001. In May 2002, once again in the Academy and with Magz guidance, album number two was let loose upon the world. "The Sullen Sulcus" - with six songs over 65 minutes it is not for the feint hearted. It was released in December 2002 by Aftermath music and is now available worldwide. Our first US tour followed in support of the album.

Sentinel Records from Ireland ( re-released Dust with new artwork, an unmixed song from the "Sulcus" recording sessions and Forever Lost Emeralds (from the Autumnal Fires demo) all of which was remastered by Stuart Anstis. A split 7" was also released by Sentinel, the first MB piece of vinyl! We recorded a new song entitled Part 1 which was released with fellow dark metallers Lunar Gate from Ireland, and limited to 500 copies. Shortly after another offer of a tour appeared with While Heaven Wept and Thee Plague of Gentlemen starting off at Doom Shall Rise. The contract we had spoken about with Grau on the DSR tour arrived and soon after we became a Grau band for four albums. In November 2004 we arrived at Klangschmeide, Studio E in Germany to record what was later to become known as A Murderous Circus. Adrian moved to Spain, and shortly after that in April 06 we had a tour coming up with Primordial, Moonsorrow and Gardens of Gehennah.

Upon return, first priority was to replace Adrian, who's relocation had become permanent. This was solved with the recruitment of Brendan (SOL AXIS, ABADDON INCARNATE)) on bass duties, and writing again commenced on the new MB album. Harking back to the spirit of Dust, yet covered in a venomous bile, 5 new odes to desolation and decay took shape within our rehearsal studio, and it was in October of 07 we again decamped to Studio E in Germany to drag these monstrosities into existence.

A Disease For The Ages, a pandemic in 5 parts, was released 05/05/08 by Grau. April 09 saw our long over due return to the joys of the road as headliners on the much anticipated "Milestones of Misery" tour, along with such luminaries as Mournful Congregation and Longing for Dawn. This proved to be a great success, and saw us bring our "live disease" to new cities all over Europe as far as Moscow. In October 09, Brian's musical journey as an active member of MB came to an end, and after much knashing of teeth, Pauric Gallagher (DECAYOR) became the newest member of MB. For the most part, 2010 has been spent playing a series of Festival slots, and introducing Pauric to the MB way of (un)doing things. Slowly. April 2010 also saw the long mooted release of a split 10" with fellow Irish filthmongers WRECK OF THE HESPERUS, our contribution being our long talked about version of NICK CAVE'S "The Weeping Song", given the full MB treatment, and Brian's last appearance with us on wax.Quelle: - Debut (Demo)

1998 - Autumnal Fires (Demo)

2000 - Dust

2002 - The Sullen Sulcus

2003 - Pendulum Neraka Jahanam (Split)

2003 - Mourning Beloveth/Lunar Gate (7"-Split)

2005 - A Murderous Circus

2008 - A Disease For The Ages

2009 - Mourning Beloveth/Wreck Of The Hesperus (10"-Split)

2013 - Formless


Mourning Beloveth_1
Dienstag 20.05.2008
MOURNING BELOVETH-Sänger Darren ist die perfekte Verkörperung der schwermütigen, doomigen Musik seiner Combo, gehört er doch zu den ruhigen Vertretern seiner Zunft, die kein überflüssiges Wort von sich geben.


A Disease For The Ages - Cover
Eigentlich erscheint die neue MOURNING BELOVETH-Scheibe in der denkbar schlechtesten Jahreszeit, düsterer Doom/ Death lässt sich doch im Spätherbst oder Winter so viel passender konsumieren.
The Sullen Sulcus - Cover
So muss Doom sein. Unendlich traurig, suizid-gefährdend, ohne Keyboards und Weiber-Gequäke. Natürlich drängen sich Vergleiche mit alten My Dying Bride auf.