When Lake Of Tears brought out their debut album, Greater Art, in 1994, there was no indication of the band´s true potential. If their first release came across somewhat bumpy - the songs still lacking that final polish -,the band from Sweden got their finger out only one year later with their second recording, Headstones (1995). The press honoured the disc with glowing reviews, and A Crimson Cosmos brought them their big breakthrough in 1997, the material reflecting a broad musical range, paving the way for Lake Of Tears to secure themselves a prominent position on the scene. This was consolidated by a tour with Therion.

The subsequent album release, Forever Autumn (1999), by the trio consisting of band leader Daniel Brennare, bassist Mikael Larsson and drummer Johan Oudhuis (reinforced by varying guitarists), however, did not live up to its predecessor´s success. The Scandinavians realised that they had more to offer but seemed unable to figure out just how to tap their sources at that time, and so the group broke up shortly after the arrival of their fourth album.

To honour their contract with Black Mark, they had to record another CD, entitled The Neonai and released in 2002, Brennare cutting the final stroke all by himself. What had originally been planned as an act of liberation from a stalemate position proved that the band still had plenty of good ideas, which they didn´t want to use for this hasty effort. It seemed difficult to believe that so much potential was about to vanish to the small Swedish town of Borås.

Luckily, fate still had a lot in store for Lake Of Tears, after all the fire still burned in band leader Daniel Brennare and his two long-standing pals, Mikael Larsson (bass) and Johan Oudhuis (drums). After a joint rehearsal session in summer 2003, originally intended to kill the boredom, Lake Of Tears got together again. The chemistry between the musicians was as vibrant as ever, and once the rust had been shaken off, they set about working on ideas for new tracks. Following the disappointment with their old label, they checked out their options carefully this time to avoid another setback. Lake Of Tears found a new imprint in Noise Records, who left no doubt that they were happy to support and promote the band.

With competent backing and nine brand-new tracks up their sleeves, they ensconced themselves at the Studio Mega in Sweden, where The Crown, Beseech and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives had recorded before them. Hearing the new numbers for the first time, the listener immediately realises that Lake Of Tears have delivered an impressive comeback in Black Brick Road. Their rediscovered joy of playing is evident in every track, the more or less mediocre days of Forever Autumn or the unlovingly recorded The Neonai are forgotten, we are reminded of the times when The Crimson Cosmos pleased our ears. Black Brick Road sounds modern and still calls to mind days gone by. The mix of goth, rock and metal addresses a broad audience and should meet with a lot of interest due to the psychedelic touch in its atmosphere. The band also want to get down to business live: next to a number of summer open-airs, a tour is also in the planning stage.


1993 - Demo 1 '93 (Demo)

1994 - Greater Art

1995 - The Masters Of Darkness (Split)

1995 - Headstones

1997 - Lady Rosenred (EP)

1997 - A Crimson Cosmos

1999 - Forever Autumn

2002 - Sorcerers / Nathalie And The Fireflies (Single)

2002 - The Neonai

2004 - Greatest Tears Vol. I (Compilation)

2004 - Greatest Tears Vol. II (Compilation)

2004 - Black Brick Road

2007 - Moons And Mushrooms

2011 - Illwill

2014 - By The Black Sea (Live)

2014 - Wyverns (Single)

2020 - At The Destination (Single)

2021 - In Wait And In Worries (Single)

2021 - Ominous



Black Brick Road - Cover
Tot geglaubte leben länger!
By The Black Sea - Cover
„25% of all men will die because of stubborness“ - „No, we won't!“ So lautet eines der schönsten Memes der letzten Zeit.
Greatest Tears Vol. I - Cover
Von den Gothic Metallern LAKE OF TEARS gibt’s nun relativ kurz vor dem Release des ganz neuen Albums und vollzogener Wiedervereinigung gleich zwei Best-Of Zusammenstellungen und zwar "Greatest Tears
Greatest Tears Vol. II - Cover
Von den Gothic Metallern LAKE OF TEARS gibt’s nun relativ kurz vor dem Release des ganz neuen Albums und vollzogener Wiedervereinigung gleich zwei Best-Of Zusammenstellungen und zwar "Greatest Tears V
Illwill - Cover
Wer die bereits seit fast 20 Jahren existierende Band um den kreativen Kopf, Sänger und Gitarristen Daniel Brennare immer noch ins Gothic-Genre einordnet (was aufgrund der stets melancholischen Atmosp