Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Biografie Out of sheer frustration over the lack of drummers in the local Massachusetts area,
Scott Hull and friends formed Agoraphobic Nosebleed with the help of a drum
machine in late 1994. Many artists, such as GODFLESH and MINISTRY, have utilized
drum machines effectively in the slower-paced industrial realm, but relatively few bands
have ever attempted the 100,000 bpm "hailstorm of drums" approach to programming
that head honcho Scott Hull has not only attempted, but achieved!! Agoraphobic
Nosebleed crushes all who dare listen with drum beats that baffle the human mind!!
An Agoraphobic Nosebleed recording is like passing through a hailstorm of runaway
steamhammers with only a puny cocktail umbrella for protection. Like flatulence in a
wind tunnel, the listener must simply submit to being decimated.

Since 1994, ANb has gone through various line-ups that have included members of
ULCER, ENEMY SOIL, THUG and SUPPRESSION, but finally coalesced into the duo
of Scott ‘Hullhammer’ Hull (guitars, bass, drum programming) and madman vocalist
Jay Randall. To date, ANb has released various EP’s and all variety of vinyl with many
respected scene veterans including CATTLEPRESS and LACERATION.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed then unleashed their debut Relapse recording featuring 26
tracks of unbelievably manic grindcore. "Honkey Reduction" grilled up 26 prime cuts
marbled with beefy riffs guaranteed to sizzle your flesh and tenderize your mind...
grindcore fans the world over were chewing the fat! Mac-daddy Hull made guitar strings
swarm like pissed off hornets while his torrential drum programming, sounding as if it
were conceived by a quantum physics professor, rained down on the listener like
AK-47 rounds guttin’ a pumpkin. Militantly hateful vocal angst kicked those who were
down. The response to "Honkey..." was immense as fans and critics marveled at the
unrelenting extremity that da’ Nosebleed kicked down. After a slew of blistering 7"
EP’s and splits, Agoraphobic Nosebleed took the power to the people...and stuffed
it up their collective ass sideways.

In 1999, Agoraphobic unleashed "PCP Tornado" (Hydra Head), a scathing barrage of
derangement nicely done up as a six-inch slab o’ wax. Take cover or be destroyed!!
With The Poacher Diaries, Agoraphobic Nosebleed have aligned themselves with
Boston’s CONVERGE to deliver a split CD of massive proportions. The vicious
grindcore behemoths deliver 9 blazing new molotov cocktails sure to light a fire under
the lumber regions of caffeine-addled velocity junkies the world over! Akin to being
dissected in a glass tornado, subjecting oneself to ANb’s monomaniacal
bombardment of hypersonic fury will result in auditory warfare of the most elevated
order. Strong-arm man Hull’s dexterous guitar warfare fuses with decimating drum
programming and voracious vocal vortexes (provided by both Randall and J.R. Hayes
{PIG DESTROYER}) to animate this grinding slaughter-machine!! A split 7" with fellow
Relapse masticators BENUMB will follow shortly, as well as Agoraphobic
Nosebleed´s long-awaited full-length follow up to Honkey Reduction, the
obscenely-titled "Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope". DIE AND GET THE FUCK OUT
Quelle: Honky Reduction

1999 The Poacher Diaries

2002 Frozen Corpses Stuffed With Dope www


Agorapocalypse - Cover
Scott Hill hat neben den großartigen PIG DESTROYER mit AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED ein weiteres heftiges Eisen im Feuer, mit denen er es auf „Agorapocalypse“ anscheinend wissen will – 13 S
Bestial Machinery - Cover
Als schick eingepackte Doppel-CD kommt "Bestial Machinery" daher und enthält alle Songs, die AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED vor ihrer Relapse-Zeit aufgenommen haben.
Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope - Cover
Ich weiß nicht, welche Drogen die Herren genommen haben, um von "harmless people" zu "wild beasts" zu mutieren, wie es im Intro "Engineering A Pill Frenzy" heißt. Auf jeden Fall hat’s geklappt.