Harem Scarem

BiografieAfter spending many years in Oshawa´s heavy metal band Blind Vengeance, in 1988 Harry Hess and Darren Smith were ready to move into a new musical direction. Teaming up with their buddies Pete Lesperance and Mike Gionet, they sat down to write some songs together. Deciding to make a go of it and try to get a record deal, they rehearsed for a full year before they ever played live. Putting together an 11-song demo in Hess´s 24-track recording studio, they sent their manager out to shop it in early 1989 while continuing to write more material. Their eponymous debut on WEA was released in 1991 and received instant airplay on rock radio stations across the country. With videos to support the singles and tours of the nation´s bars, the album quickly climbed the rock charts, going on to sell a respectable 30.000 copies in Canada. It was also released by WEA in Germany, Benelux, Portugal and Spain.
Getting off the road in the fall of 1992, principal songwriters Hess and Lesperance started writing once more, and the result was 1993´s ´Mood Swings´, a decided departure stylisticaly from the pop-metal of the first album. The album is considered by many to be the best melodic rock album of the 90´s and tracks from this album are still filling dance-floors around Europe. That fall they went on the road opening for April Wine in western Canada.
The first album got released in Japan in 1994 and quickly garnered a strong fan response. Such was the reaction that the band went to Japan in 1995 and did some dates to promote the first two albums. Subsequent support from the Japanese audiences has proven to be their strongest market, and they have released live albums and a 2-CD set there.
No other band in the melodic rock genre has delivered such a varied discography throughout their career as Harem Scarem. From the high quality A.O.R. of their early days over the melodic rock with almost progresive song structures (Voice Of Reason) to the power pop of their releases as Rubber, this band always surprised their fans with new ideas. No album sounds like the others, but due to the distinctive voice of Harry Hess and the harmonic guitar playing of Pete Lesperance, the unique style of the band is always recognizable.
´Weight Of The World´ represents a definite move back to the heavier, melodic sound of the early days of the ´Mood Swings´ era but with new modern production twists and influences in the sound. This was the first album for a new label Frontiers Records after their split with Warners.
In 2002 Harem Scarem did their first show in England at The Gods festival and this one has been released as live CD and DVD entitled ´Live At The Gods´ in December 2002.

Harem Scarem was formed by Harry Hess (ex-Blind Vengeance), Darren Smith (ex-Blind Vengeance), Pete Lesperance (ex-Minotaur) and Mike Gionet.


Their first self-titled album was released in Canada.


The second album ´Mood Swings´. This album was the first of Harem Scarem´s album to be released in Japan.


The band released an EP ´Live And Acoustic´ and their debut with 3 bonus tracks in Japan.


´Voice Of Reason´ was released...and bassist Mike Gionet left the band... The new bass player is Barry Donaghy (ex-Blu Bones).

1995 - 1996

During the ´Voice Of Reason´ tour was recorded the first full-time live album ´Live In Japan´. It included two extra tracks ´Pardon My Zinger´ and ´More Than You´ll Ever Know´.


* The 4th studio album ´Believe´ (in Japan) / ´Karma Cleansing´ (in Canada) was released...

* Re-issue of ´Live And Acoustic´ and ´Live In Japan´ in one package as the ´Live Ones´ double album.

* A special edition of the album ´Believe´ was released in October ´97 in Japan.

1997 - 1998

The band performed shows in Japan and Canada and released the next live album ´Live At The Siren´ with 2 extra studio tracks.


* The ´Big Bang Theory´ album was released in June ´98 in two different versions.

* Two compilations: ´Best Of´ and ´B-Sides Collection´.


´Rubber´ was released in September in Japan.


* Harem Scarem changed their name to RUBBER and the debut album of the new band was released in Canada on March 7, 2500.

* Darren Smith left the band and he is replaced by Creighton Doane.

* ´Last Live In Japan´ was released in Japan on August 23, 2000.


* Ultra Feel was released on February 21.

* Rocks was released on April 11.

* The band is Harem Scarem again and preparing their new album for Now and Then/Frontiers. Release date will be probably on february 2002.


* Weight Of The World, the first album for NOW AND THEN/Frontiers was released on March 25.

* The Very Best Of... compilation with one previously unreleased track (Freedom) was released in Japan.

* Double release on December 9... Live At The Gods CD and DVD in stores through Frontiers Records


* Harry Hess is releasing his first solo album ´Just Another Day´

* Also the collection of the band´s early demos ´The Early Years´ is coming...

* New HAREM SCAREM album "Higher"


* New HAREM SCAREM album "Overload"


* Human Nature


Hope - Cover
Zweifellos gehören die Kanadier von HAREN SCAREM zu den bis heute leider von der breiten Masse immer noch zu unrecht missachtetsten besten Melodic/Hardrock Kapellen dieses unseren Planeten.
Mood Swing II - Cover
Nö, die Welt ist nicht gerecht. Das kann man unter anderem auch an den Kanadiern von HARAM SCAREM erkennen.
Overload - Cover
Die kanadischen Ausnahmerocker um HAREM SCAREM überraschen ihre weltweite Anhängerschar eins um andere mal damit ihren Sound ständig zu modifizieren und neue Facetten hinzuzufügen.