Starting in 1989, Sinister was a band arising in the middle of the Death-Metal hype. Mike, André, Aad en Ron were joining forces and the Sinister sound was born. After releasing a demo, which sold about 1500 copies, a promo tape followed. Sending out the promo to various labels resulted in signing up at Nuclear Blast Records, Germany 1991. Their debut CD 'Cross the Styx' saw the light in early 1992, and sold many copies worldwide. Many live shows all over Europe followed. Touring with bands like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide increased the number of people knowing Sinister.

In the years after that, Sinister succeeded in maintaining their popularity by releasing their second and third album 'Diabolical Summoning' (1993) and 'Hate' (1995) and doing many live shows all over Europe and a very successful 55 show-tour through all the USA.

At the end of this period, Death-Metal got less popular, lots of Death-Metal fans switched over to Black-Metal, Gothic and other atmospherically music. Sinister never thought about playing other music than their favorite; Death-Metal. Some years passed and the band released their mini-CD 'Bastard Saints' (1996), and played a few live-shows. Several line-up changes followed, and led Sinister to write their most aggressive brutal and intense album so far 'Aggressive Measures' (1998).

These time their presence in Death-Metal paid off. Death-Metal is back, where for Sinister it never left. The response from fans and critics where good. Sinister sold lots of albums and played lots of good shows, of which a short US-tour and good festivals like Wacken open air, Milwaukee Metal fest and Czech Dynamo blessed their way. Yet the cooperation between Sinister and vocalist Eric didn't work out very well, which lead to Eric's departure in August 1999. Sinister was searching for a new singer. After some serious tryouts with different singers, Rachel came out best and the band started concentrating on the next record. 'Creative Killings' was released at Hammerheart Records, September 2001. Shortly, after the release guitarist Bart decided to quit the band. A replacement was found in Pascal. The album was promoted with shows in Russia, Belarus and a 26 show tour across the rest of Europe.

In 2002 Sinister decided to join forces again with Nuclear Blast records. The result is the release of their album 'Savage or Grace'.
The album was massively promoted through shows in Mexico, Columbia and a two week tour with Cannibal Corpse across Europe.

After a short split Sinister reformed in March/April 2005 due to letters from the fans around the world. A slight position change though. Former bassist Alex Paul moved to guitar, drummer Aad moved to vocals and newcomer Paul on drums. After the recordings of ‘Afterburner’, several promotional gigs, and after launching there DVD ‘Prophecies Denied’, which was taken in Poland, Paul left the band in late 2007 to pursue other interests.

A new record deal was signed with MASSACRE Records for an album to be recorded in May 2008 titled "THE SILENT HOWLING" with Edwin van den Eeden on drums.The ‘Legacy of Ashes’ album, recorded in 2010, would be the last with Edwin and Alex. After some shows in South-Africa and Russia the band parted ways because of different opinions in the band.

Aad didn’t hesitate and immediately he called his mates from project band Absurd Universe; Toep, Bastiaan, Mathijs and Dennis. Bastiaan, Aad and Toep knew each other already from the band Supreme pain. With this band they recorded ‘Nemesis Enforcer’. Toep and Dennis knew each-other also from their cooperation in former bands, like Putrefied. Bastiaan and Mathijs are brothers … So, putting this band together again with these guys, was just as logical as it could probably be.

In 2011 they started with recordings of ‘The Carnage Ending’ in Soundlodge with Jorg Uken. The band had to prove itself more than ever, after a serious lineup change. But the reactions were amazingly good and positive. With this record the band was back on track. Fans were even referring to Cross the Styx and the beginning of Sinister. Also with bookings agency D19, Sinister was able to play big shows and festivals like; 70.000 tons of metal cruise, Hell fest, Extreme Hate Festival Brazil and Eindhoven Metal Meeting.

After touring the Balkans and many festival shows in Italy and Germany, Sinister did not rest but started writing songs for the monster album ‘The Post-Apocalyptic Servant’, a CD which can be considered as the fastest and hardest work ever from Sinister. In 2014 recordings in Soundlodge were completed and Sinister started to promote this CD with a tour in Australia and many club shows in Europe. The critics were again amazingly good!!

After launching the 7 ”EP ‘The Unborn Dead’, containing two cover songs of Novembers Doom and Grotesque in 2014, Sinister recorded a complete cover CD to celebrate the existence of the band for 25 years, not counting the breakup for two years. This CD was entitled ‘Dark Memorials’ and came out in 2015 and got great responses!

Heading for a new CD in 2017, Mathijs was forced to stop the band due to personal conditions and not much later the same applies for Bastiaan. Luckily Alesa (Aad’s wife) was able to help the band with their mini tour in Brazil and some other great festivals in 2016 as Summer Dying Loud in Poland, gigs in Portugal and Spain, and so on.

With Ricardo Falcon on guitar Sinister was on full strength again, for the live and shows and to work on the new songs for ‘Syncretism’, as Bastiaan stayed on the bands side to take responsibility for the 2/3 of the guitar parts on ‘Syncretism’. In November 2016 recordings were done at Soundlodge with Jorg Uken again !! A majestic dark album with 100% pure Death metal will be released in 2017.

In 2017 Sinister played at some great festivals as Netherlands Death Fest, In Flammen, Steelfest, Rockstad, Metal Days, Obscene Extreme and many others! Meanwhile Ghislain van der Stel was recruited on bass-guitar to join the squad!! Touring South America with Pestilence, again the 70000tons of Metal and Maryland Deathfest were just few highlights that followed.

Unfortunately Sinister and Ricardo parted ways in 2018. Both parties had different opinions and therefor it was better to split up. It was decided with full respect of each other. The good part is that Sinister really quick came in contact with Michal Grall. This great guy just played his first gig at Otero Brutal Fest after just a few weeks of study and two rehearsals! Killer!! Heading for some great summer festivals Sinister is already busy writing new stuff for their new album to be released in 2019. Meanwhile a 7”split EP with Profanity will see daylight in 2018 !!

Hope to see you all!! Hail the beast!!


1990 - Where Is Your God Now...? (Split)

1990 - Perpetual Damnation (Demo)

1990 - Putrefying Remains / Spiritual Immolation (Single)

1991 - Sacramental Carnage (Demo)

1991 - Sinister / Monastery (Split)

1991 - Sinister (EP)

1992 - Promo EP I (Split)

1992 - Cross The Styx

1993 - Diabolical Summoning

1995 - Hate

1996 - Where Dead Angels Lie / Bastard Saints (Split)

1996 - Bastard Saints (EP)

1997 - Diabolical Summoning / Cross The Styx (Compilation)

1998 - Aggressive Measures

2001 - Creative Killings

2003 - Savage Or Grace

2006 - Afterburner

2006 - Prophecies Denied (Video)

2008 - The Silent Howling

2009 - The Blood Past (Compilation)

2010 - Legacy Of Ashes

2011 - Altered Since Birth 1990-2010 (Box-Set)

2012 - The Carnage Ending

2013 - Years Of Massacre (Compilation)

2014 - The Post-Apocalyptic Servant

2014 - The Unborn Dead (EP)

2015 - Dark Memorials

2017 - Syncretism

2017 - Gods Of The Abyss (EP)

2018 - The Nuclear Blast Recordings (Box-Set)

2018 - Hammer Smashed Face / Catatonia (Split)

2020 - Deformation Of The Holy Realm



Creative Killings - Cover
Lange war es still um die Holländer, jedenfalls albumtechnisch. Live waren sie aktiver, so 2000 mit ihrem Wacken-Auftritt oder die „No Mercy“-Tour Anfang diesen Jahres.
Legacy Of Ashes - Cover
Ich bin davon überzeugt: schaut man im Lexikon unter der Rubrik „Bands aus der zweiten Reihe“ nach, dann findet man ein Bild der holländischen Death Metaller SINISTER.
Prophecies Denied - Cover
Das polnische Label Metal Mind scheint auf Fließband-DVD-Produktion zu machen, liefert aber eine professionelle Veröffentlichung nach der anderen ab.
The Carnage Ending - Cover
Adrie Kloosterwaard hat das gleiche Problem wie DEW-SCENTED-Cheffe Leif: ihm hauen dauernd die Musiker ab.