Orange Goblin

BiografieBIOG - spring 2002

Ben Ward - Vocals

Joe Hoare - Guitar

Martyn Millard - Bass

Pete OMalley - Guitar

Chris Turner - Drums/Lazy Fills

They´re back, Stinkin´ O´ Gin, more punked up, and dirtier than ever! The mighty ORANGE GOBLIN return and on the 25th February are set to take on the world with the release of their new album "COUP DE GRACE". Produced by legendary bass maestro Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Obsessed, Unida, Across The River) "COUP DE GRACE", the fourth instalment for Rise Above Records/Dream Catcher sees a more confident, stripped down beast. This is a band fuelled up and ready to burn!. "COUP DE GRACE" is a celebration of all things close to the heart of the band, who unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeves. In the Nu Metal era ORANGE GOBLIN are standing up and shouting out loud for the voice of true British heavy rock to be heard - no rapping´ hip hop beats and pretend riffs here - this is pure unadulterated, straightforward Rock ´N Roll the way it should be.

Recorded in New Rising Studios at the end of last year the influences are vast and wide, from the sheer punk attack of the opening track "Your World Will Hate Us" to the southern fried psychedelic boogie of "Stinkin´ O´ Gin" this is the album of 2002.

Stand out tracks "Monkey Panic" and "Getting High On The Bad Times" show just how much the Goblin have improved in both musicianship and songwriting skills, and, just for the hell of it they treat us to a raging all out blitzer cover of The Misfits classic "We Bite".

With a mutual admiration for each others music, the Kyuss/Goblin connection goes one step further with a very special guest appearance from non other than John Garcia on two tracks namely "Made Of Rats" and "Jesus Beater".

Emerging from the liquor drenched sticky undergrowth of the Intrepid Fox in 1995, Orange Goblin clung to the ideals and aspirations of the late great doom rock bands like The Obsessed & the aforementioned Kyuss and even proclaimed themselves ready to retire after performing with John Garcia on stage whilst on tour with Unida. But it was not this adoration that sculpted the Orange Goblin that we know today.

The world of Orange Goblin has far more to do with the stance and road warrior attitude of the intrinsically English rock and metal bands of the sixties, seventies and eighties, the days when playing live was the bands real job, and not just a tool to market albums.
Orange Goblin´s live shows amply demonstrate this, taking you back to the days of unison clapping, head banging and the loudest riffs that cheap speed and booze can influence. If you´re lucky, you may even see a fight!

If Orange Goblin bothered with having a philosophy: it would be to live on the road, play loud and extremely heavy music, entertain, but most importantly to have fun. Their first two albums, both on Rise Above Records, managed to capture this fun and excitement onto disc. "Frequencies From Planet Ten" and "Time Travelling Blues" are essential Goblin albums. However, it was the third album, "The Big Black" that really solidified the Goblin´s position as one of the major league players in Rock.

Recorded at Mark Angelo Studios, London, England in November/December 1999, The Big Black saw Orange Goblin achieve the goals they´d aspired to. Produced by Billy Anderson (Sleep, The Melvins, Neurosis, Sick Of It All), The Big Black was a landmark album, sounding classically grimy and radiating talent. From the Woodstock influenced beginning of Cozmo Bozo to the pounding, swirling, upbeat riffing of opening track Scorpionica, to the utter doom of The Big Black itself, really put the boot in and took the band out of the stoner pack and established them at the forefront of UK rock.

In 2000 the band headlined a UK tour with Rise Above heavyweights Goatsnake & Sunn0))) in support, this was followed by what can only be called a triumphant appearance at the Lost Weekend festival in Londons Docklands Arena, as well as a number of European festival appearances and, in November, a support with New Jerseys own lords of Riff Magick, Monster Magnet.

March 2001 saw Orange Goblin again take to the road again for a UK tour featuring Nebula as support, this was followed in May by an arena tour supporting none other than Alice Cooper.

ORANGE GOBLIN have a busy 2002 planned with a European tour starting the end of February, followed by festival appearances followed by a tour of Japan and the USA.
2002 is going to be the year that ORANGE GOBLIN play Heavy Rock . No sleep till Northolt!

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A Eulogy For The Damned - Cover
Warum ORANGE GOBLIN nie so richtig von der Stoner Rock-Welle um KYUSS und Konsorten profitieren konnten, ist mir bis heute schleierhaft.
Thieving From The House Of God - Cover
Rocken! Stonermucke muss rocken, dann macht sie am meisten Laune. ORANGE GOBLIN wissen das und brettern auf "Thieving From The House Of God” gleich beim Opener so richtig schön nach vorne los.