Formed in 2001 out of the remaining members of the Band STEEL TORMENTOR, the german Thrash Metal outfit BITTERNESS has steadily grown up to be a force to be reckoned with. ....

After the first Demo CD-R “...AND DEATH MARCHES ON” (only 200 copies/sold out since ages), and two self-financed CDs, “DAWN OF GOLDEN BLOOD” (sold out) and “SWEET SUICIDE SOLUTIONS”, which both sold over thousand copies so far, they signed to HEAVY HORSES RECORDS, kicking off a row of high quality releases.....

Their label debut ”EVE OF DESTRUCTION”, a 7”-Picture Disc (limited 300 copies/sold out) of the most famous track from the “SWEET SUICIDE SOLUTIONS” CD hit the stores in 2004.....

The follow ups ”MARCHING TOWARDS INFINITY” (7-EP/limited 500 copies/already sold out) released in 2004 by G.U.C. and “WITHERED SUNLIGHT (7”-Split with Witchburner/limited 500 copies/sold out) released through DANZA IPNOTICA RECORDS displayed an intense blend of raw power and catchy melody, strong enough to manifest this heavy four piece as one of South Germany..s best known underground acts in their genre. ....

Also BITTERNESS, consisting of Frank Urschler (vocals/guitar), Alexander Hinterberger (guitar), who joined the band in November 2002, Sebastian Jehle (bass) and Andreas Kiechle (drums), always have stated their reputation as a damn heavy live act - a European tour (e.g. with Third Moon & Alien Gates), some mini-tours (e.g. with Night In Gales & Fear My Thoughts, Susperia), lots of festivals (e.g. Devil Days Open Air, Walpurgis Metal Days, Zabbaduschder Open Air, Bringer Of Death Fest, etc) and over 200 single shows (e.g. local supports for Belphegor, Graveworm, D.R.I., Tankard, Grave, Dismember, Napalm Death, Vital Remains, Mercenary, Pungent Stench and many more), offered the audience a lethal pack of unbound energy each night.....

But besides their constant live presence BITTERNESS of course didn..t forget about songwriting. Their 1st full-length album ”AUTUMN..S FALL”, released in May 2005, again through HEAVY HORSES RECORDS took new paths and its mixture of crushing Thrash Metal, some more melodic Death parts and the more complex songwriting established BITTERNESS as one of Germany..s most compromising extreme metal acts. Sadly a European tour (with Graveworm) in october 2005 was cancelled after only two shows. ....

In spring 2006 bass-player Stian left the band, out of personal reasons. But BITTERNESS didn..t have to search for long for a new bassman, and Marcel Konz (a long time friend of the band) joined the plot in early 2006. Finally 2006 saw the first succesful BITTERNESS shows with the new line-up, e.g. an European-Tour with Onkel Tom and a Mini-Tour with Necrophobic & Raise Hell.....

In march 2007 BITTERNESS released a 10”-EP (limited 1000 copies) “AS ALL BEAUTY STARTS TO FADE…” through G.U.C. and went on a Mini-Tour with Morgana Lefay & Sacred Steel and a Tour through Germany with Lividity & Master. ....

At the beginning of 2008 lead-guitarist Alex decided to leave the band to apply to some new musical projects. Henceforward the band was forced to go on as a three-piece, but nevertheless played many great shows e.g. support-slots for Testament, Dying Fetus, Destruction, Desaster and again Master, the legendary "Fuck The Commerce-Festival" and went on a Mini-Tour through Germany and Switzerland with Havok and Epitome Of Frail. In December 2008 the band recorded their 2nd full-length album "Genociety", which was released through G.U.C. again in may 2009 and consistently earned positive reactions from fans and press (including 9th place in the July / August issue of german "Heavy" magazine). It was followed by more successful concerts, e.g. a show with Hail Of Bullets at the "Metal gegen Krebs"-Festival. ..
Now BITTERNESS is ready to assert inernationally. So check it out! ..


2001 - ...And Death Marches On (Demo)

2002 - Dawn Of Golden Blood

2003 - Sweet Suicide Solutions

2004 - Eve Of Destruction (Single)

2004 - Marching Towards Infinity (EP)

2005 - Withered Sunlight / False Guardians (Split)

2005 - Autumn's Fall

2007 - As All Beauty Starts To Fade... (EP)

2009 - Genociety

2012 - The Final Declaration Of The End (Swansongs For The Faithful)

2013 - 10 Years in T.H.R.A.S.H. (Box-Set)

2015 - Resurrexodus

2017 - Memories Of A Dying Past (Compilation)

2020 - Dead World Order



Redemption - Cover
BITTERNESS haben endlich einen Deal an Land ziehen können und bringen "Autumn’s Fall" beim rührigen Heavy Horses Records heraus. Gratulation!
Genociety - Cover
Die 2001 aus den Überresten der Band STEEL TORMENTOR (die es seinerzeit sogar zu einem Beitrag auf dem Sampler eines großen Metal-Magazins brachten) gegründeten BITTERNESS aus dem Raum Konstanz haben
Marching Towards Infinity - Cover
BITTERNESS legen nach ihrer gelungenen "Sweet Suicide Solutions”-Scheibe eine 7” über GUC (die mit dem coolen Fanzine) nach, haben vier Tracks draufgepackt und das Ganze auf 500 Stück limitiert - ganz
Sweet Suicide Solutions - Cover
Bitterness wird als Thrash Metal angepriesen und so prangt es auch groß auf ihrer Website. Da hab ich dann eine Band in der Schnittmenge von Slayer, The Haunted und Dew-Scented erwartet. Tja, nix is.